Mary?s Timeless Treasures Scamming Pearl Buyers on Ruby Lane

I just checked and one of the strands in question have sold and the other two have pending sales. The poor unsuspecting people who buy these.
Thank you Blaire, that was so well written.. I am humbled.

I received an email from Ruby Lane today :
Dear Sarah,

Ruby Lane has recently received several complaints that a seller on our site is using your company name without authorization. Additionally, they are alleged to be selling pearls that are misrepresented as Kasumi ​and/or Tahitian ​pearls.​ These allegations are, of course, a serious concern for us.

As the owner of Kojima Company, your direct comments and complaint would be of valuable assistance in our investigation of what we consider to be a potentially serious matter​.

If you would be so kind as to fax us all helpful information on a company letterhead, it would be much appreciated. Alternately, an email reply with a scanned copy of such a letter would also suffice.

Fax: 415-840-0039
Kind​est​ regards,
Rob Spear
SVP of Customer Service

I responded with a long letter and lots more background information.
I will be sure to post any news I hear.

Thank you all so much for helping me with this. I feel blessed to be a part of such a caring community of dedicated pearls!

Kelluvpearls, I wondered that myself.
Newberry .. Eeks, I was sorry to see that also!
Pattye.. They look like dyed CFW to me as well.
Cheers for Blaire's powerful letter, and hurrah for you Sarah! And my uneducated but gut instinct is ... white and yellow dyed CFW, despite what the "earnest and honest" Miss Mary's claims ...
The very easy way to sort these listings out is to challenge these sellers to get their pearls independently appraised - incorrect describer pays the appraiser's fee. Lots of industries have an independent and voluntary arbitrator system for small consumer disputes.
Would not need to cost as much as a GIA appraisal, since it would most likely not involve full analysis. Most experienced pearl handlers can tell the difference between SS and fresh etc with their eyes closed.
Maybe something for the CPAA? That would boost the CPAA's standing too and mean that members abided by a code of practice on pearl identification and description......
Just a musing.....
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Sarah, It appears she may have changed the text but still insists the are Kasumi. I didn't know MTT was just down the road from my place. Hmmmmm.
I'm so sorry to hear about this ridiculous ordeal that you're having to deal with, Sarah. I, too, will send complaints to the emails linked. People who take the time and energy to struggle with pouring their passion into a product deserve more respect than blatant fraud. That includes yourself and the farmers you represent. As "they" say: karma's a bitch.