Ideas for restyling these very small but glowy rice krispies?


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Aug 11, 2019
I received this three strand choker in a job lot sold on eBay. I have never had “rice” pearls this small before. The choker has a sterling clasp. It’s about 15”, so it is too small for me to wear as is. But I like the tiny pearls. They have some pretty pink and green reflects. Some are as narrow as 3mm. I have plenty of tiny gold or Swarovski beads to mix in if desired. I thought of making a triple strand bracelet with goldtone findings.

Luckily I have super small needles and some #20 ivory Beader’s Secret so I can likely string them without much problem.

I would love any creative ideas you might have. Designing is fun, but more fun with fresh ideas.

Thank you and have a great day!




Thank you! I could make a nice long strand with them! And find a delicate pendant as the pearls are small and light.
Love the idea of a long rice pearl necklace chain for pendants. Those small rice pearls have such character & personality!
Single long chains with small pearls are great - Hisano loves this style and wears it a lot. The length creates a substantial look with tiny pearls that is still conservative and very fashion-forward.
I really appreciate your responses. I’m glad someone else thinks these small irregular pearls have a lot of character. I love restyling—fun, creative, and sustainable. I’ve about settled on a design. I may also create or source a delicate wire enhancer-style pendant so it can be worn with or without.

I’ll post the result if it turns out well.

Jeremy, conservative yet fashion-forward is a great combo!

Thank you all again, and have a great day.

I have and use small pearls strands often with pearl pendant or enhancers. I love them so much that I have made both a long and a short version in both rose lavender freshwaters and ivory freshwaters. I also have a short strand of small tahitian keshis and one with tiny akoya keshis. I think that small pearl strands often blends in better with other pearls than a chain when layering, but then I do sometimes use chains as well. Please do post a photo when you are done, I think that it's a great idea.
I have a long triple strand of rice krispie pearls where every few inches, all three strands go into one larger bead, and then separate out to three strands again.
I love these ideas and I appreciate your reading my posts and responding. I’m currently figuring out a secure way to string these, as they’re so irregular and the holes run very small. They can be very narrow in the middle, so I can’t enlarge the holes, I don’t think. Even with a small needle and very fine thread I can’t do the doubling back to secure the gimp and jump ring before making the first knot. But it will be fun to find a solution. They have some prominent blue-green overtones and the occasional hint of pink. And they are super clean now. I will definitely update when I have something in progress. Thank you again!
1. Soft Touch 7 strand beading wire is very thin. It's an alternative to thread. You'd need to use crimps to secure it, and there are different kinds of those.

2. You may be able to widen the opening on the end few pearls using broaches; I have used these to widen the inside of drill holes:

3. You could skip the back-knotting and the gimp and instead use clamshell bead tips like these:
Another alternative to doubling back through the last few pearls is to begin and end the strand with a few beads that have a large enough hole to double back through-- e.g. 3mm round gold filled beads.
Those are fab suggestions, thank you! I have some very small gauge wire in a pretty antique white or a baby blue that I can test out. I also have clamshell bead ends. Using beads with larger holes on the end didn’t occur to me either. I appreciate your time and sharing your knowledge with me. I really want to see these pearls shine in a new form.
Sharing as I just made this for myself last month! The holes were large enough to double back with #40 thread. The clasp is 14k white gold, not silver, so it is very strong, but a smaller pendant bail can fit. I didn't use French wire. At 22 inches long, it can be wrapped for a triple bracelet, too. Love rice krispy pearls!

That’s a beautiful strand, Pattye. I love the pink overtones and the glow of the pearls. It must be a pleasure to wear. :)
I realize that my strand is probably twice as long as yours, but you can get a bit of an idea of how to add some length and interest to your rice krispies. Mine are mixed with Lapis lazuli beads and gold beads. This is two different necklaces, but they have similar findings and nest well, so I tend to wear them together.