An idea for creating multi-use or convertible strands


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Aug 11, 2019
I would love to know what you, my fellow beaders, think of this. I saw an ad on social media for a necklace (or set of necklace components) that can be worn in multiple ways. The set consists of (as far as I can see) a 20” double or triple, strand, two 4” strands, and a 20” single strand. They sell bead necklaces for the most part, but they also carry some freshwater and faux-pearl strands.

Each has half of a gold or silver magnetic ball clasp at each end, so any piece can be connected to any other piece in the set, resulting in a seamless look.

For instance, the two short strands can become a bracelet. Or they can be coupled with the 20” multiple or the 20” single strand to make a longer necklace. Or the whole kit and caboodle can be connected to make a seamless-looking opera length necklace. You can also add in contrasting short strands that you purchase separately.

I thought, this is the dream of some of us who want to wear a rope of pearls in multiple ways or combine strands easily. (Aside from using shorteners or vintage brooches which are beautiful in their own right. As a lover of vintage I will always do that!)

You can google 10 way necklace to see more pics. (I don’t want to infringe nor advertise!) But the concept kind of sparked my brain. I want to play with the idea, and I have some magnetic ball clasps in my Etsy cart right now, but I have to make sure they are nickel-free before I purchase.

Would love to hear your thoughts! I’d always thought I’d make a set of long claspless strands for a torsade, but I might like this better. Of course many of you already use clasps beautifully and creatively to combine strands!

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Not pearl but shows the concept:



It’s not a new idea, but modern, in the sense that magnetic clasps have been used.

The Victorians were masters of interchangeable jewellery, and I am a strong proponent of interchangeables.

I love to get the maximum out of something I like and get a different aspect depending on my mood and style.

Especially love doing this with my earrings, I interchange/combine my pearl earrings with my diamond studs,

I have made more than a few necklaces that can be converted to bracelets. And with tassels, I like to make them so they are interchangeable as a charm or pendant.
Thank you for your reply and your comments! I didn’t think it was a brand new idea, but I do love the seeming ease with which the pieces are interchangeable. As far as the Victorians (and Edwardians) go, one of my favorite things is to see a Royal tiara changed into a necklace and then restored to its frame, or brooches or other gems added and subtracted. I also love to see how Queen Mary did her mixing, matching, and restyling!

I did think that maybe our beading friends might like the ability to combine pieces easily. I like some of the effects I’ve seen on the website of the seller, especially adding a short multicolor/multitone accent piece to the center of a long white strand.

I’m looking forward to finding some pretty clasps today!
P.S. Like you, I also love pearl enhancers and tassels, and I now have some tassel findings that I’m hoping to make pretty tassels with. I’ve been doing other crafts for a while, but I’m ready to get back to beading! :)

I would love to see some the pieces you have made, Bernadette.
I have been restringing a lot of my pearls with Orbit clasps. Not only are they secure and easy to use and look good, but I can connect them together. I'm constantly linking various necklaces together to make longer strands. Plus, it's easy to hang pendants off the Orbit clasps. If I had bracelets, I would add these to the mix.
Cees and Katbran have been using some clasp that are hidden inside two pearls, attatched to wire with bumpers. I don't remember what it's called. I think that Cees made several tahitian bracelet lenghts that could make a long rope or whatever lenght needed. And Katbran recently posted (on instagram) different lenghts of golden south sea strands that looks marvelously practical. I don't know how the system works if the wire breaks, I am sure that it is a sturdy wire but there are always doorhandles to get caught by. Can one screw in a new wire?