Hong Kong show open to the public?


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Feb 10, 2019
Hello everyone,

I was wondering if the hong kong shows are open to anyone who signs up?

I'm just a pearl lover who is not in the business but

since HK is not far and I visit about twice a year I was thinking of visiting while the show is going on.

Is it possible to have just a look ? If I could buy some, that would be great but it would be just nice to look at all the
beautiful things.

if anyone knows, pls let me know!

It is trade-only, but at this show you're not required to bring all the documents you have to show at JCK or other US shows. You can get into the Hong Kong show with a business card that matches the application you submit. This can be done on the ground in Hong Kong the day of the show - business card showing you're in the trade and a passport.
haah. such a disappointment.. but oh well
I guess I will just look at instragram postings.

thank you everyone
Charlotta, yes I managed to get in. The first day it was quiet, probably because of the political situation in Hong Kong.
The 2nd day it was very busy and buying was good according to some whole salers.
Was nice to see Wendy Graham again, Jeremy and Hisano and David Norman. Also Kira from Marc'Harit, Denmark.
Jeremy lost a lot of weight, he looked very well. Hisano always looks like a princess.