Al Hashimi Pearls?


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Oct 19, 2019
Hello all! It's been a while since my last visit and we (I0 have added quite a few things to the collection but today I bought a bit of a head scratcher. We purchased what is billed as a strand of natural peals by Al Hashimi. I have found several references both here and elsewhere on the net but am unable to get to their website. Does anyone know if they are still around? I also came upon some references here to Bahrain certificates sometimes being dubious. They weren't terribly pricey so I feel it would be a manageable loss if they aren't as "advertised" but would appreciate your opinions.
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I can see the photos. They look great!
Those look like natural pearls, great matching BTW.
Never heard of the brand before, sorry for that!
Thank you, Douglas! That's a load off my mind, the "CFO" questioned my purchase as the online presence of the firm in Bahrain trailed off last November even though Google still lists store hours for them. Judging by various online posts they were/are a fairly notable trader in the Bahrain mkt.
I can see the photos when viewing this thread on Google Chrome-- still not on Safari.
Lovely strand!
I can't see the photos either, on Safari. I'll look forward to the "arrival" photos!
Oh wow! It's dainty...and beautiful. Delicate beauty!
OOOOO, nice strand of naturals. Very round. Well matched.