A Year of Pearls in the Life of a Pre-K Teacher:

Day 175:

6-27-16 2.jpg

6-27-16 1.jpg
DAY 176:

This concludes my thread!!! I just said tearful good-byes to the students and 10 weeks of vacay start NOW!!!

6-28-16 2.jpg

6-28-16 1.jpg
I didn't realize the commitment involved. I'm really glad I did it -- it's a nice record to have -- but once was enough.
What a wonderful thread this has been, BAS, and what a way to go out with bang ... pistachios, strawberries and cream ... just lovely and delightful! We are so lucky to be among the few on earth to know what "pistachio baroque akoya tin cup" means ... and I can hardly wait to see that in person :) Thanks for all the pearl joy!
This has been a great thread to follow, thank you BAS for the dedication!
I didn't comment every day but I've seen every picture, and it was a pleasure seeing all those pearls. Thanks for sharing with us!
Oh -- thank you kindly, everyone! It was a pleasure to document a school year of pearl wearing. My passion is shared by few and it is wonderful to be part of a supportive and appreciative community. I get great pleasure viewing others' photos and hearing their pearl stories. I see too few pearls in my everyday real life, sadly.
Thank you BAS for your dedication, AND owning such a wonderful collection for all of us to see (lust after)!!
It was always wonderful to see the beautiful pearls on this thread. Thank u for sharing
NOOOO, It's over? I've enjoyed this thread so much. Thank you BAS. This was inspiring and beautiful.
i know i'm going to miss it - i wonder if there's a way to have this thread automatically re-post on a daily basis! ;)

thank you for sharing, BAS - this has been SO much fun!