2016 CPAA Fiji Trip Report


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Mar 28, 2013
...and now that the thread is started, i will gradually add to it! i am slow here at the beginning, as i have only been back for 3 days and i am still JET LAGGED (as are my husband and 3rd grade son, who went with me). i will begin with just a tease...

...of pearls, of course! i only got to spend a short amount of time with Justin and Leanne, and a day and a half-ish at the J. Hunter Pearls pearl farm itself ("at the pearl farm," hah! they have their land address, of course, but everywhere i went, whether thinking about pearls or not, one could see the pearl farm floats all around Savusavu Bay, they have operations everywhere in the water there aren't huge amounts of boat traffic/swimming/etc., and from the tip of the peninsula where we were staying all the way down into Savusavu town, the floats are out there, busily keeping the oysters happy and thriving!). there is film footage, but it is choppy and i need to figure out quick how to edit it. which i will do. soon. in the meantime, i hope a few family snaps and pearly shots will suffice...

US! happy to be on the trip, even if we got to know Nadi (pronounced NAN-dee) Airport really too well...


coconut palms (_Cocos nucifera,_ in case you care), which were absolutely EVERYWHERE...


(the island used to be covered in coconut palm plantations for the copra industry - the industry is still there, just not as monolithic as it once was. the palms are still there, many planted intentionally, many must be volunteers. SO. MANY. PALMS!)

and of course, i did get to play with pearls from the latest harvest - they still hadn't finished sorting and grading by the time i arrived! just a few views:


and my little pile of favorites from the crazy table full of circles above:


ok, more later, including more adventures on the island, both pearl-related and not! for now, my jet-lag, she is a-callin' me to bed.
Wohoo! Off to a great start, Juliebeth!! Beautiful family; gorgeous pearls :) Rest up so you can come back and tell us all when you feel up to it; we'll wait.
I hope you were able to bring a few of your favorites home ;) Rest up and post more...pretty please :)
Oooo, Juliebeth I love your little pile of favorites! Love your pics, and can't wait to see more after your jet lag disappears!
Love the photos and the update! The pearls are gorgeous and you look so happy!! Looking forward to the next instalment.
Looking forward to the next instalment.

DK :)