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  • Not in the near future, dear! :) And anyway, we make an annual summer trip home to India from China as well. Have to make some money before we think of the next holiday trip!:D Ah....so many places to see in this world....:)
    We were so short of time - just 8 days and 2 countries. There was so much more in Egypt that I wanted to see like Luxor and Sharm-el-sheikh...maybe another trip sometime in the future! And we'll plan to see you as well, how's that Nora? :)
    Belated good wishes for your birthday, Nora! Sorry I am late, but not too late I hope, as your birthday "month" is still not over until Feb 22, right? ;)
    Ha Ha !
    'S O.K. Nora.
    I expect you were having far too good a time celebrating to read messages here.
    Hoping you have many more of them (birthday celebrations, that is). :)
    Happy Hannukah Nora and Eli - may peace be with you. Thank you (both) for your insights and comments throughout the year.
    Was... Sorry to hear that. Sadly, everyone must go sooner or later. Hope he was a great joy to you. My dog left me more than 10 years ago, and I still haven't had another dog... I didn't have time, didn't have the resources, but, most importantly, I think I didn't have enough courage. May be in a year or two I will bring another pup home.

    I hope it's ok to post pics here... if not, I apologise.

    This is a Tazi pup (with a Dachshund), and Tazi look very much like Saluki (picture courtesy of Kronversky Kennel, St. Petersburg, Russia). The whole series of pics from this first going out is here, if you would like to see them. I think all types of borzoi are lovely!
    Thanks for your message, Nora, it's very much appreciated. Hope all's well with you and Eli and that you both had a good New Year celebration.
    Best wishes, Susan.
    Thank you Nlerner !
    I hear your Eli isn't bad, either....
    And it's high time you and I were friends, so I'm off to do the request; hope it's o.k. with you.....
    Best wishes, Sueki.
    Hi Nora,
    I can't believe I haven't asked you to be my friend yet, because you certainly are!
    Mom had a worsening of her back injury and is suffering. It's hard to see someone you love suffer. They keep moving the potential surgery date farther out. I hope she can keep her wits until then. The kitties are being good little nurse-cats. I moved a small icebox and mircowave oven into her room because she's trying to only go down and up the stairs once a day. Every little bit helps. Thanks for thinking of us. ;)
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