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  • No, sadly I don't think I will have a reason to return to Israel - it was a fantastic opportunity to be there - my husband used to run a company that had an Israeli "parent" so he was there frequently. I did have a great time, though - pity no personal memories of the DTC!!
    Daisy the weimaraner is 18 months old - still a little silly, but very sweet & lovely! Israel, on my one visit, was fascinating - in TelAviv and Jerusalem mostly, with a guide showing me around during the day - up to Galilee, down to the Dead Sea & Masada, which was fascinating for this gentile! Visited the new museum with two lovely expat Israeli ladies, both in their early sixties, so it was very personal and interesting.. Yes, the diamonds came from the Diamond Centre - I think my husband made sure I was fully occupied during my time in Tel Aviv so that I wouldn't get the chance to go myself!! My son & his girlfriend also visited Israel at the end of an after-school "gap" year - catching up with my husband there, then using the same guide - amazing experience!
    Wow - found on the street? We never see strays here anymore. I remember on my one and only visit to Israel being amazed at the number of cats around the streets..

    I have 2 cats, 1 is 14 years old, the other 8 years. They belong to my two younger children (now 19 and 15 years old, so not so little!), and a 1 year old weimaraner female who is my husband's best friend. She is gorgeous, but very "needy". Whereabouts in Israel do you live? My husband used to be in Israel several times a year, now no longer with the same business, so no need. He did buy me diamonds there, though!
    So sad! I love my dog dearly, but have also lost a few along life's path - still miss them!
    Not only do I love your dog, who was my computer wallpaper for months, but you have the perfect avatar. It's so YOU! ;)
    Hi Blaire, I'm very happy that Knotty is using them, we had wonderful time in San Diego's Zoo and Sea world. Sorry that I didn't know you then.
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