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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

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  • Ahhh, early Sunday morning, cup of coffee, and beautiful pictures of everyone's gorgeous pearls . . . Doesn't get any better! <3


    • Too many gorgeous pearls to comment on each one, you all look amazing ladies!
      BWeaves that ombre tin cup is the tin cup to rule them all...stunning!
      Jeg I love love LOVE your dark tahitians, all the mystery and depth of black pearls just shining on your neck!
      86C, happy to hear about your recovery and admiring your fantastic rope looks! Those green tahitians with blue akoyas and akoya rope... just dreamy...and the pastel tahitians necklace...so so lovely....
      SydK your silver tahitians will light up any outfit, love them!
      Frostme that bracelet is amazing!
      Rianne love your tahitian floating pearl with rose gold, such a beautiful combination, well done!


      • Thank you, Charlotta, Katbran and eolian pearls!

        BWeaves, that rope you created with those bead store pearls is really cool! Lots of interesting features.

        Vintage coral beads with a tiny Japanese Akoya from Kojima. Worn with a strand of medium T’s, keshi earrings, and a silver blue pearl chain.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	B357C7A0-1E69-42A2-8422-75F5B4D19625.jpeg
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        Click image for larger version

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        • Love these photos!
          Yes, I’m going nuts over my keishi necklace, so much so that of course it’s on my wrist! Each pearl is a mini-miracle. Happy sigh.

          In fact a jeweler almost tipped off his stool trying to get a look at it as I entered the store. He’s helping out at my local jewelers as they close up shop, which is breaking my heart. Of course I’m embarrassed too, because I’ve bought nothing from them, but only wanted repair work, BUT never could afford. Without our online friends selling pearls.....I’d be bare-wristed. Bare-*ssed-nekkid.

          what the jeweler saw, the luminous light through the cafeteria-Mom-COVID gloves. How’s that for glory. Happy sigh.
          Click image for larger version

Name:	42409CCC-1BDA-4560-8C7A-261DC77EB9E4.jpg
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          The 21st century version of our Mothers’ white gloves....

          and today’s earrings, joyful earrings from PoJ, many years ago.
          Click image for larger version

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          • Lovely combo Jeg. Lisa, those pearls just glow, even through the plastic gloves.
            Iím a bit more put-together today - in light silver tahitian baroques with a freshwater pearl chain and fireball.
            Click image for larger version

Name:	63152411-4F7B-4FF2-92C7-A71D5CA9FA07.jpg
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            • Syd, your silvery Tahitians make me swoon every time. A strand of silver Ts is next on my list :-)


              • JEG, LisaC and SydK, gorgeous pearls all!


                • Thanks, SydK, Lisa and BWeaves!

                  SydK, very pretty pairing of light Tahitians and fireball!

                  LisaC, how great it also fits around your wrist so you can enjoy that strand, gloves and all!

                  Pastel Tahitian pearls from Druzy, Fiji bracelet from PP, and a Caymanite carved fish I found at the National Museum on Grand Cayman.
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	A0EF4B84-78F8-4E1C-8B1E-799F95C86203.jpeg
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                  Click image for larger version

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                  • Gorgeous pastel tahitians, jeg. Those kind of colors go with everything. I almost missed that fish, very nicely carved.
                    Lisa c, your new keshi strand is amazing and goes well with the earrings. I can see why you go nuts over them.
                    Pretty silver tahitians SydK. And that fireball is beautiful.


                    • Jeg - I remember that Fiji bracelet. I was looking for brightly colored pearls, and you dug the brown ones. You were right. They look amazing with your Caimanite fish pendant.


                      • Lisa C you look wonderful in those gorgeous Keshi pearls; so happy you got those!

                        Jeg, what a lovely suite of pearls and fish; so neutral, yet so rich and colorful; perfection!



                        • LisaC - Well I'm glad you aren't forced to run around bare *ssed nekkid and can at least cover yourself with pearls ! You are so funny !

                          jeg - That necklace looks like they could be FiJi pearls - mine are all pastel tans and blues . Really lovely ! And that fish ... so cute. It's wonderful to have little bits that remind us of places we have visited.

                          Syd - Looking good ! Love the T's and the big Fireball !


                          • So many beautiful pearls, all!! I'm loving every one of these.

                            I may have slipped a couple times for Labor Day sales and have pearl mail coming from two places... I can't wait.


                            • Jesskat, way to go! How long til they arrive? ie, how long til we get to see them?

                              Kathbran, I know! No one should have to see me bare-*ssed nekkid these days. My glory days were long ago! I was binge listening to Led Zeppelin and Cream this weekend....my kids don’t want to know!

                              In fact, in the way of the World, I suppose we all have 2 generations that want to cover their eyes and ears, and run away screaming from our stories...our parents and our kids! And I wasn’t Wild and Crazy, or not too much.

                              Jeg, that necklace is wonderful. Love the milk chocolate ones with the lemon and sky blue.

                              sydk, bright bold and lovely!

                              You guys are a wonderful way to start the day! And there’s some little girl outside shouting “Grand-daddy”, and she’s starting to get annoyed that nobody is answering. I love hearing little kids outside, keeps you in The Life Loop. A good morning.
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                              • Red, I have fond memories of rummaging through that VIP box with you! So funny how neither of us had a very favorable reaction when you pulled this packet out of the box. What a difference once I put it on my wrist. The color works well for me!

                                Cathy, sometimes a bunch of neutrals is just nice and soothing!

                                Katbran, I always buy some sort of jewelry from my travels. Even if they are just colorful coconut beads from Antigua! I also like to find small paintings directly from street artists.

                                jesskat, Oh boy! Looking forward to seeing what caught your eye!

                                LisaC, hope you have your pearls on and your morning is complete!

                                Blue Akoya rope from PP. Celeste and Josh added the little Kamoka keshi for me, to the amethyst flower charm from Druzy.
                                Click image for larger version

Name:	3CB9BA04-81A4-40D8-BD5A-C2D692A68ED1.jpeg
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                                Click image for larger version

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