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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

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  • Charlotta, I love your mismatched SS pearls!

    Sydek, your fireball is beautiful!

    Jeg, I can’t never tired of admiring your collection and ways of wearing multiple strands, lovely!!

    86C, I hope your recovery is going well!!


    • The going nowhere look! I added my Kamoka pendant to the mix!

      Click image for larger version

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      • Lilipearl: Nice layering!


        • 86C, it sounds like you have a great surgeon! I hope your successful surgery heals well, rapidly and with little distress for you. Just relax, read and enjoy all the beautiful pearls here; we'll know you're reading along even if you're not stressing your hand .



          • Thank you Lilpearl, that’s some gorgeous layering.


            • I've maxed out my vacation days at work, since I haven't gone anywhere. So, I had to use it or lose it. I took today off and drove around just to use up a bit of my gas from March, so it doesn't go bad. I wore Tahitians. The lady behind the counter at the Post Office loved them. I was mailing the Spring Petal pearl back to Kojima.

              Green and lavender mismatched studs, and The Goddess pendant from Kamoka. Long Tahitian tin-cup from Kojima worn double. SoC ring (not photographed).

              Click image for larger version

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              I'm really having Ruckus / Pearls by the Bay withdrawal. I ordered a necklace from Kojima today. I decided if the stock market was up at the end of today, I'd grab my winnings and buy pearls. It's a rainbow ombre' tin-cup. I've been wanting one forever, and whenever one's for sale I dither too long and someone else always snatches it up. Sarah's adding an orbit clasp for me, so I can wear pendants on it.
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              • Beautiful pearls ladies! I lurk almost everyday and quietly admire all your pearls.

                Bweaves, I can't wait to see your rainbow ombre. What a beautiful addition to your amazing collection!

                I finally had a chance to wear my GSS ombre today for lunch dates with friends. The pendant and earrings were from loose pearls I put together myself.
                Click image for larger version

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                • Bailey1856. Wow, your SS pearls look gorgeous. That's another type of pearl necklace that's been on my wishlist.


                  • Thanks everyone for you comments on my fireball. I’m really enjoying my pendants at the moment.
                    86C, so glad it went well!
                    Lilpearl, great layers.
                    Love the green mix, Bweaves, and the combination of shapes with that neckline. I’ve seen your new ombré on the Kojima site, and it’s spectacular. Can’t wait to see it when it arrives. You are so stocked up with summer, lightweight pendants and tin cups now. I wonder if you will feel like getting your heavier strands out again when it gets cooler (as much as it ever gets cool in Florida)?
                    Bailey, that looks gorgeous - such a fun, fresh combination with the lemons and all the yellow and white.


                    • Business casual for a rare trip into the office last week.
                      Click image for larger version

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                      • Beautiful pearls, Ladies!
                        Love the clasp, Parrot Lady!
                        Jeg, you look fabulous as always!
                        Sorry Spring Petal didn't work out for you, BW! I'm sure you will find the perfect Spring pearl! And I love your Tahitian tin cups paired with Goddess!
                        Love your casual Tahitian look, Lilpearl.
                        Bailey, gorgeous Golden ombré necklace. That's one that's on my wishlist!
                        SydK, beautiful gem & Tahitian necklace paired with your gorgeous fireball!!

                        Keep the pics coming, Ladies! I changed the bandage on my hand this evening & it looks good considering. I think my pearl wearing will be limited to strands I can slip over my head since I can't really manipulate clasps. I have also started the 3 day chemo gel treatment for the place that was biopsied on the right side cheekbone. I think it may be worse than the surgery. But I will persevere. Thank goodness it's only a 3 day treatment. All your pearl pics are making my day!


                        • That long tahitian tincup is gorgeous Bweaves, no wonder the postal lady was impressed. I think that I did see your new rainbow tincup on the kojima website, gorgeous. Can't wait to see it.
                          Bailey1856, your ombre south sea strand is glorious. So pretty.
                          That’s a pretty ombre rope SydK.
                          The chemo gel sounds dreadful. I hope it's not to horrible.


                          • SydK: Love the pendant and pearl chain, and love the grey ombre' rope.

                            86C: Get will soon.

                            All pearls from Kojima today. Beachy Tin-cup and feather pendant necklaces. Summer Rainbow and Winter Snowman drops on Mom's diamond hoops. They feel OK weight wise. I've worn them all day. But I bet my earlobes go, AHHH when I take them off.

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	66A4FC4D-CACE-46F6-9B8E-CDEF48CE2A28_1_201_a.jpg
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                            Has anyone who has been to Kojima in person recently seen that antler necklace in person? Tried it on? What did you think?
                            Last edited by BWeaves; 08-08-2020, 08:28 PM.


                            • Bailey, you’re back! Way cool to see you!


                              • BWeaves your drops look great on your mother’s diamond hoops. The size of the hoops is perfect.

                                86C, so glad your surgical site is healing well. Sympathy for the chemo gel treatment. I had to do a 30-day chemo creme on my ear last year, and again this spring. It was awful and I still can’t sleep without wearing a special foam “donut” pillow on my ear to alleviate the residual pain, but I suppose it’s preferable to cutting off my ear or something. :-0