THE RING photo is published!

Wow! Fantastic to see it in print! I am glad to see the designer's name in print too. That design is so beautiful!
Great for you all. The ring and the pearls are just unreal.
Thanks! I agree with Pattye, Hisano wears it beautifully.
Lovely photo of a stunning design - a huge congratulations to both of you!!
And the pearls in the photo are the "purloined pearls" that made their way back after being snatched. I like how everything has a story. Jeremy worked with the artist to design the ring, of course.
Congratulations to Jeremy and Blaire, and Hisano. So sorry to miss the encore performance at Ruckus!

While waiting for my Summer 2011 G&G, ordered yesterday, I noticed from the link that there was also a poster presentation on Tridacna Gigas pearls. What range did they cover? As these were the gemologists involved in the certification and valuation of Pearl of Allah, I'm wondering if gem-quality pearls were also presented, in which case 'Gigas' would have been a rather narrow and limiting title.
Just read PDF copy, Tridacna presentation was indeed inclusive of non-Gigas Tridacna species, which would have provided the symmetrical and flamed specimens mentioned. Those are the ones I have proposed to call 'Kima' (Indonesian) given the need to differentiate. A missed opportunity!!!
OooooLaLa LaLa!
Where does one read the story of the purloined pearls?