Thanks Jeremy & Pearl Paradise


Pearl Collector & Designer
Mar 28, 2007
Just want to say Thank You ! to Paradise Pearls.
My sister's 30th wedding anniversary was looming and my brother-in-law called me asking my opinion on various pearl necklaces he was looking at.
None seemed all that special and I mentioned that he could do worse than contact Paradise Pearls.
After some discussion, he reminded me that he's a native Californian and his mom still lives in LA.
His mom was dispatched to visit the showroom where they looked after her royally and the pearls were chosen.
She then posted them to her son here in the UK and my sister is delighted with them.
So very many thanks to Jeremy and staff for yet another beautiful strand of pearls.
I haven't seen them yet, but I believe they are untreated baroque akoyas.
Please share pictures when you get them! I love baroque akoyas! They have interesting shapes and incredible orient!