An Interview with Jeremy Shepherd of Pearl Paradise

This article came up in my morning search! It's an Interview to our own @jshepherd
The article is written by Sara Martins for IV Gradient Insight.

An excerpt:
Get inspired by Jeremy's e-commerce journey with Pearl Paradise. From pearls in China to virtual shopping experiences, he shares insights and the power of AI. Discover game-changing trends for 2023 in this engaging interview on the future of e-commerce.
Jeremy Shepherd, a successful entrepreneur in the e-commerce industry, has been in the business for over 25 years. His brand, Pearl Paradise, is one of the largest pearl brands in the US. He shared his journey with us.

Has a great shot of Jeremy wearing a stunning black pearl necklace (reminder: I need one!) and great insights into eCommerce!

Don't miss it! You can read the whole ARTICLE HERE.
Thanks for sharing the great interview, Douglas! I have to say, as successful as Jeremy has been, he has always so generously shared and given of his time and attention. From us little people who might only be looking at $100, to those looking at the 1.5 million dollar strand, everyone is treated like you are the most important person, and that has never changed. :giggle: