Tears of Mermaids Imminent

It is the holiday weight thing which makes me want one too.
I have heard rumours of a Kindle 2 too.
I could buy a kindle from America, that would not be a problem but I can foresee all sorts of problems over buying and downloading the books from Amazon.com over here.
The reason may be that you in America operate under a different copyright convention to much of the rest of the world and while yours is settled with the authors to allow Kindle publishing, we are not covered
Meanwhile I am sure that the pirate type websites are springing up for books while the legit bods drag their heels (just like music and vid)
Sony has a reader-- I've seen conics and text on it and it's nice.

Apple's rumored e-reader or tablet PC would almost certainly be international upon launch. If Kindle doesn't beat Apple to those markets, it could be a tough fight.

You're right, Wendy-- book piracy is quite extensive. From audio books to comic books, texts, stuff that was never published as an electronic book and proprietary formats, it's all online. IIRC, there were text file books up on Napster in the late 1990s, and there are ~50 Usenet groups where books are posted. Everything that exists on Usenet can be torrented somewhere and found on IRC... I think people still use IRC? :)
Dang..when I saw this book I immediately added it to my beach book list for next month. Guess that won't be happening!

But now I'm wondering why this ZE person's gazillion posts were removed.... I certainly came on here too late for this drama!
It will be here Saturday (free shipping is slower, okey fine by me). I've already downloaded every free book on Amazon.com so I'm all set to curl up and give it a test drive. They have a list of free books for $2.00 and something. Do you believe that? Paying for a list of freebies? I didn't. I just searched for 0.00. Worked okey fine. For the record, my kid thinks it's a waste of money and her blackberry works just fine, thank you very much, so, I hereby retract my plans to get her one. Silly her!
Can't wait to read Tears of Mermaids. I'll be looking for it this fall...
You're making me laugh! We got such a teaser at the beginning of this thread that it whipped us into a frenzy -- and then....and then....and then the w a i t..... ;)
It's like waiting for Christmas. It conquers the "I want it now" habit and instills the discipline of having to put off gratification. <I lie on the floor kicking and screaming, "I want it now, I want it, now"> ROFS or ROFC?:rolleyes:;)
It seems like an eternity since I ordered them... ;)

No kidding! I just checked my Amazon account to make sure my order is still there. However, after reading today's post on TPP, it seems that Stephen Bloom may need another chapter. :(

Thanksgiving weekend is almost over, would have expected a few reviews or comments by now. Perhaps I was fortunate to receive delivery from Amazon on Wednesday.

Tears of Mermaids is an exhaustive work, with excellent summaries of the history and appreciation of pearls in the opening chapters. The travel log then takes off, like The Amazing Race. It is a privilege to be able to accompany via the written page someone so passionately engaged.

The characters are floridly portrayed, unabashedly appealing to Hollywood casting. That they are real people makes them no less characters. But it seems that Bloom stretched this point to the max, perhaps in compensation for a total lack of plot.

The major failing of the book, and perhaps a reason that the publisher delayed its release, is its lack of appeal much beyond pearl insiders.

It appears to be a missed opportunity. But I appreciate its fleshing out of so much that I have been superficially exposed to during the past 3 years or so.
I received mine Saturday. Had to finish another book first so I am just cracking it open now and looking forward to it.

Thanks Steve for the first review.
I picked mine up on Friday, but I didn't have time to read it yet. ;)