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  • Have a wonderful trip; take lots of pics! Ooooh, I see you made a necklace, beautiful!!!
    This forum is awesome:) hehe You are doing awesome! I wish I could do that; I should start reading about how to string and knot pearls. You are very talented:)
    Yeah, they are pretty darn spoiled, but sooooo happy. Okay, maybe not so happy this week as I am in Tucson and not at home. I will return to the the "cold haunch" next week! ;)
    Didn't want to start a thread but this way I am at least telling somone. I bought one of the December PP Beader special this week and am so excited to get it.
    That will have to wait. I am in Houston and she is DC. But we will definately have to at some point. She hasn't received hers yet put she is giddy too. I think I may have turned her towards pearls.
    You should get someone to take a photo of you and your sister wearing the necklaces and post it. I'm sure everyone would love it! ;)
    Hi Mary,

    I got my pearls from a trip to Davao, but I do go to greenhills everytime I go to Manila, and not just for pearls. Now though, I do notice that they have increased their prices, so getting my pearls in Davao was a treat for me! I still hope that the pearls I got were from there and not from China.

    Anyways, when is your trip? Nowadays, I notice their prices have increased because foreign buyers now go there so they feel they can up their price. Can't blame them! I do notice though that when you go in the afternoon, or evening, they will be willing to go cheaper because they're tired and would just want to make a sale. South Seas or Freshwaters, I really wouldn't care, because they're just gorgeous. Are you a Filipino or do you speak the language? It would be great if you have a local to be able to help you haggle.

    I get a lot of freshwaters there for personal use. Some earings are as cheap as a dollar, so that's what I use when I go to the beach to feel feminine without having to worry about them falling off and me losing big bucks!

    There are real South Seas there too which they sell loose. A pair for earrings would go for about $100. These are the ones that look really smooth (ok, I am not a pearl expert... just a pearl lover) and round. I know these sell in the thousands already retail. Or at least a few hundred bucks more.

    Another place to go in Greenhills... Bangus Restaurant!! They have great Milk fish recipes, then go over to Goodies and Sweets for some Chocolate Decadence cake :)
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