Tahitian bracelet and earrings


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Apr 26, 2010
I just received my Tahitian pearl bracelet and earrings from www.pearlpardise.com LOVE them!!! Dark body color with light cherry tones. The size of the pearls used for bracelet 9.1-9.9mm and the earrings 11-12mm.
I thought I'd post a picture.


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Beautiful! I love the clasp on the bracelet, too. I'm sure you'll enjoy wearing your treasures.

The clasp was made by the same custom jeweler that made THE ring!
Hi Addy, congratulations on your gorgeous bracelet and earrings :D The lustre on those babies looks fabulous! My goodness that clasp is just exquisite. May you always enjoy them in good health :)
Hi Keshibelle,

Thank you so much! Yes, the custom jeweler did such an awsome job with the clasp. What an artist!
Hi Addy
Just beautiful. I am sure you will wear these a lot. I have some of Jeremy's cherry overtone pearls and they have become my go to's. Enjoy!!
Thank you!! I’ve already gotten a lot of use out of my necklace. For sure, the same thing will happen with my latest acquisitions:)
What fabulous pearls! And that toggle is just gorgeous!

Your avatar is very intriguing. Do you have a bigger picture to share?
Donna, thank you!!!
Yes, just go to my albums and double click on the third picture.
Wow! What a set. And what a clasp! Sort of a Celtic, Medieval, Viking fusion. Wear them with much pleasure!
Oh wow, Addy, that's a nice set! Cherry tahitians are hard to find. Even more unique is the clasp itself. If I am not mistaken, are those 2 dolphins ? I could not make out the bar. I am certain it's not a whale's tail though. Enjoy!
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Cathy, thank you! Yes, you are right. There are 2 dolphins and a dolphin's tail.
The tail might be a little bit modified though. In any case, it turned out soooo unique!