Mikimoto Necklace, Bracelet and Earring Identification


Apr 26, 2024
Hello, my wife was gifted these many years ago and we have no idea what they are. I rubbed them together and they do feel gritty and not smooth. I tried my best with my camera but my phone is quite old and this was the best it could do. I can try and borrow a better camera if necessary. The necklace, earrings, and single pearl are all about .290-.300 (7.5mm?) and the bracelet is .250 (6.35mm).

The bracelet clasp says 585 and then a box that maybe has the letters "B" and "L" in it, but it's so small it's hard to read the letters. The necklace clasp says 14k on it. The earring backings say 585 on the back of them.

I'm sorry that I don't have any further information on them. Thanks for any help


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Blue Lagoon (BL) and Sea Magic are Mikimoto's lesser quality brands. By lesser quality, I still mean really, top quality pearls, but they are smaller pearls, and not the top of the top. I have a strand of Blue Lagoon, and they are gorgeous, but on the smaller side (6.5 mm). Sea Magic was the brand sold by Kay Jewelers. The bracelet could be Sea Magic. The necklace has a generic fishhook and does not look like one of the Mikimoto brands of pearls. The pearls in the bracelet look well matched and nice quality. The necklace pearls do not look as nice as the bracelet pearls. The earrings look nice. It's hard to tell about the pendant.
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Thank you for that information, that is helpful. Are there official identification names or something along those lines for each of these, or it more like for this line the best that can be figured out is that they are a Sea Magic Bracelet, etc.? Like are they all just generic or does each version have it's own name? I'm just wondering how much it's worth to try and continue investigating what they actually are down to a very specific name/version.

Related question would be that ultimately our plan is to sell these as my wife has no interest in them and doesn't wear this kind of jewelry. I see a lot of these listed on eBay, but thought maybe it was better to try and find a local jeweler to take these to and sell them to them? Just wondered any thoughts on that since I know nothing about how the jewelry market works. I know if this was a used car for example I wouldn't sell it to a dealer since I'd get like 25% of the value, and it's much more worth selling privately. But when it comes to jewelry I'm clueless. Thanks again!
Pearls do not hold their value, unless they were owned by royalty, by someone famous, or have an actual Mikimoto clasp. You will not get much for these, I'm afraid, and a jeweler will also take their cut. You might be better off trying to sell them on Ebay yourself, or Loupe Troop, or just sell them to a pawn shop. You'd be surprised at how nice pawn shops are these days. My mother sold a lot of her jewelry there that she no longer wore and we girls didn't want, although she didn't sell her pearls. We wanted those.
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