Tahitian or dyed pearls?


Mar 23, 2024
Hi guys!
I'm planning to purchase this necklace; the seller says it's natural tahitian pearls, but... you never know! I know the picture is blurred, but I'd like to have your opinions.
Maybe, once I receive them, I could try wiping them with polish remover and see if the color comes off?
They look like dyed freshwaters to me, though the photo is bad. At least ask for an in focus photo on a plain white background before you buy. What does the price tell you?
They're pretty inexpensive actually... That also made me doubtful
First and strong impression is dyed freshwater pearls. The shapes are a bit eggy, and the colors are very typical of dyed FWP.
The dye is permanent. Wiping them with nail polish remover should not remove the dye.
I find them eggy a too. I'm not an expert, but the others tahitian pearls I've see so far looked just different.
As for the dye, I once received a colored tiger eye stone (that was advertised as hawk's eye stone), and the color came off when I wiped it with the nail polish remover... But maybe it's a different kind of dye!
Right, FWP dye will not come off.
I don't have anything against dyed FWP if they are sold as such. I have a necklace of them myself, from before I was able to afford any Tahitians. But I don't like buying from sellers who misrepresent.