Tahitian and Tourmaline Rope


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Apr 8, 2012
I'd like to show you a recent remodeling project of mine. My inspiration was this Gellner Big Bang labradorite and Tahitian rope. Many thanks to KaySD for posting many inspiration Gellner photos.


I've had three sixteen inch tourmaline rondelle strands for a number of years that I wanted to use in a Tahitian station necklace. During the August Pearl Paradise sale I thought I found a Tahitian strand that had the size and color variations that might work. It was this ombre strand, which had the pearls described as having "drop shapes with circles" and "intense and iridescent overtones". It sounded promising.

I love intense and iridescent overtones.

The Tahitian strand arrived and the pearls were delicious.


It was tempting to just wear it as a necklace.
More closeups of the Tahitian pearls. I love the little blue body pearl near the clasp. And the iridescent overtones of the plump silvery-white pearl.


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Here is the Tahitian necklace along with my tourmaline rondelles.


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I decided that the project was a go. Bye-bye.


Here are the loose pearls. I love the variety of body colors from this mix. See the little blue body pearl in the top row, second from the left?

Trying out different pearl arrangements.



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Finally, I strung it up. I decided to use the two tourmaline strands with the clear and smoky quartz accents, and the pearl strand for a total length of about 45 inches. That way I could wear it long or doubled.

Here is my temp strand.

And, here is the temp strand both doubled and long.


I had the clasp professionally attached and picked up my completed project a few days ago. I'm very pleased. The pearls just pop with color, and the brownish pink tourmaline rondelles work beautifully. The smoky quartz accent beads add a bit more interest.

I tried to put the small, but mighty, blue pearl where it could be seen, and not at the back of the neck. I loved the iridescent plump silvery white pearl, and made it a solo pearl on the strand. I mixed the pearl colors and directions, so the strand would look fine long or doubled.

I love the result and this strand has already generated a lot of interest. I picked it up and put it on, and went to the women's clothing shop next door to the jewelers. The pearls just shone. All the ladies there wanted one!


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From ombre to a homemade Big Bang. I hope you enjoyed the photos. :)
Your strand turned out really nice Red. I bet you will enjoy wearing it through all the seasons. Congratulation!
Love the process photo essay, Red and the finished piece, wonderful!!!
Thanks for sharing the journey in a story with great pictures. Luscious.
You made that something special! I love the way it looks long. I'm pretty awestruck by the way you ladies have inspirations, and how well they turn out!
Thank you for photos of the journey. I love seeing how projects evolve.

I love the final necklace.

I also seem to be drawn to these Gellner Big Bang style necklaces. Every time someone posts one, I really like it. I think it must make the Tahitians easier to wear, too. I had ordered a long rope (40 or 50 inches) of baroque Tahitians from PP, and I loved the look, but they were just too heavy to wear, so I sent them back. I think having a long rope with small sparkley roundels between makes the pearls stand out more, too.