My first and very fun Tahitian rope


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Dec 29, 2020
This is my first Tahitian rope, and it's my first rope of any kind of pearls. I made it a few days ago, actually exactly on the day of forum update. So, this is the 5th time I'm trying to get it posted, and also the 5th time I am writing the following text, let's see if I can do it right this time.

Overlook first. I wish I had more different colors, shapes, and sizes, but this is what I got and I pretty like it. :D

Then some close-up's. Most of these pearls have very nice luster, many have fun colors and/or patterns, too. There is gold, silver, white, pink, peacock, blue, green, brown, and more...

The third one from the left makes me laugh. It looks so silly and funny! :cool:

The other side of the necklace. Each of them is so unique and has a lot personality. I love every one of them, the whole necklace.

Thanks for looking!


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Not sure why there is an "Attached Files" tail. If I delete that file, it also deletes the 2nd picture inserted. But good enough. :p
Your tahitian rope is beautiful. Isn't fun to play with the pearls placement. It's one of my favorite things.
Well done StarryPearl ! :cool:
It's a fun and beautiful strand...and I hope it will be the first of many more to come :D
A very fun strand Starry Pearl, and great job on your first venture! Enjoy wearing it! :)
Thank you all for all the sweet words and compliments, I am very happy so many like it! :D

- Charlotta, the pearl placement was indeed fun yet really time-consuming (for me). It's probably much more intuitive for someone as talented as you. I still can't believe it took me a DAY just to place the pearls to where I felt right, and now I am still not quite satisfied. I will swap a few pearls next time I restring. The loose pearls looked like this:
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- CortezPearls, I am pretty sure this is just the beginning. ;)
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I love your rope! It reminds me of the harvest strands that pop up every once in a while. May I ask the length? It's beautiful, I hope you get a lot of wear from it.
I love your rope! It reminds me of the harvest strands that pop up every once in a while. May I ask the length? It's beautiful, I hope you get a lot of wear from it.

Thank you, ennui. I admire the beauty of harvest strands, too, but a harvest rope easily goes near 10k and that is a little pricy for me. I like these baroques also because I can wear them everyday and almost anywhere without feeling overdressed. It's 35 inches long (or 89cm if you do not use inch) and can wear as 2 layers. :D
It sometimes takes long and sometimes not to sort pearls. It helps keeping them near, I usually put them on the kitchen table next to the window. However sometimes my biggest cat steals pearls. Just this morning she took on, played with it and then I had to retrieve it from under the stove. I don't leave my favorites like that and usually covers them over night and move them, but to her delight I forgot. It's usually best to sort in natural light, preferably when it's overcast. If it's sunlight then I pull the curtains, the light still filters through.
Unique and delightful rope, StarryPearl!

I always like to observe the temporary layout as the light changes during the day/night for about 24 hours before I string up a piece; sometimes need to swap a few pearls around to create a better color or size balance, or catch a blemish (sometimes unavoidable) that suddenly appears up front.
Katbran , that's a great tip, that I sometimes do...more often now than before though. Then after wearing, especially a rope, I usually have some changes coming up as well. Like making it longer, or shorter, or moving some pearls around. I remade my mixed tahitian rope 4 times. After first restringing it there were some pearls with very cool tones that I wanted to remove, a.white and a blueish silver one...then I was happy for a week or greedy and wanted it longer. Made it 56,5 inches long. Then I realised that it looked best a little bit shorter and with a better proportion between the big and the smallest pearls. For it being really long I did add many smaller ones and it got unbalanced. I'm happy now. I wore it yesterday and couldn't stop admiring those pearls.
Love those colors. The pearls are from Cees and Druzydesign. Sorry for hijacking your tread...