Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

@jeg I'm completely obsessed with your golden torsade necklace yesterday! Your tahitian strand/chain bib necklace combo was also so cool and chic.

@eolian pearls Thank you! Haha, you know my SoC obsession too well ;) I love your apple pendant and your pearl chain necklace is stunning - such gorgeous colors! The centerpiece pearl is especially pretty.

@Purranha Wow, such a creative idea, and what incredible pieces you've made!!! I especially like your butterfly strand.

Metallic FW strands from Pearl Paradise for me today.

Double strand freshwater pearl necklace worn
Two row pearl necklace layout
Thanks so much, Douglas and SurfnSci!!! SurfnSci, the luster looks fantastic on those metallic freshies, and so pretty together.

A J. Hunter keshi necklace I bought in Fiji, with two strands of Tahitians I put together.

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That took me on a walk down memory lane, Purr. If I remember correctly, the first grouping of deep colored metallics were part of the holiday 2018 offerings from PP, or somewhere around there. In January, a group of us (Newberry, Red, CathyKeshi, lmgarden, KaySD and me) visited the vault. Jeremy had just received a new shipment of the intense deep metallics. He said they were sent maybe around 300 strands(?) and pulled out just a handful of the nicest strands. I still think about one strand that just popped out above the rest. It was a coppery gold with the craziest luster I’ve ever seen. It was super super unusual, but the color just didn‘t seem to suit any of us, and we were a very diverse group. I always wonder where it is now. I’ve posted pics from our visit before, but here are a couple just for fun. One of my favorite memories of those trips would be, how the table always started out neat- everyone with their own tray, and soon enough, we would end up with piles of pearls everywhere.:LOL:

Jeg!! Haha those table spread were EPIC!!! Definitely miss rummaging through the PP Vault. And you are exactly right. My strands were from Winter 2018 and I think I bought from the first batch? I have 1 lighter/med bronze, 1 medium bronze/purple mixed color, and 1 purple strand so there's a nice gradient when I link them together. I think I pretty much jumped on these two strands when they appeared on PP IG. :ROFLMAO::p🤩
Purr, yes, you, Red, BAS and BabyNurse all bought strands from the first batch. The selection we were able to see at the vault was just a few months later from a new shipment. I had my eyes on too many other things. That particular winter was probably the widest variety of pearls and best selection of pearls I’ve seen at PP.
Oh JEG, those SoC necklaces are amazing. I remember lusting after the keshi one, but I had just bought a Tahitian one of the exact same style from Kojima. SoC have a satiny luster and colors like no other pearls.
Sarah (Kojima) had one beautiful Cortez necklace at the Tucson Gem show...had a chance to say hello to "my babies" just a week ago :cry:
Thanks so much, BWeaves and SurfnSci! Douglas, Sarah always has such beautiful pieces. Sigh…

I made a necklace similar to this one for a pearl friend last summer. I liked the way it turned out, but it took me a while to get around to making one for myself.
Wow, everyone looks fabulous! Purranha, so so so nice to see you back here :) Your new "brooch conversions" do not disappoint, glorious every one; I'm glad I don't have to choose a favorite. I have a small collection of very modest antique gold/gemstone brooches from my suit wearing work days, when one was always on my jacket lapel. I struggle to find ways to wear them now but can't bear to part with them.

Jeg, your second photo from that January PP meetup is the only photo I have saved, of the 2 Tahitian strands that "got away" that still haunt me! Baroques, with incredible colors and wild metallic luster unlike anything I've seen since. The 2 temp strands had a very different end piece also, so maybe from a different lot. Should have ... sigh ...
Eolian, thanks so much for the details on your "reshaped" clasp end. Made me laugh ... every single little pendant chain I wore with a business suit not so very long ago had a "squished end" ... simple but effective. I didn't imagine the drill holes on your pearls would be big enough to slip over ... Clever!

Here is the detail of the clasp ring Cathy.View attachment 463157