Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Thank you @Charlotta2.0, @SurfnSci and @BWeaves! I am very happy with the Love strand, it is perfect at 22 inches just the right size in case I want to go all glam with layering ;-)


@BWeaves lovely carved Kamoka! And I love your “they dont match anything and go well with everything” studs!
Eolian Pearls, I kept scrolling down and drooling. Love the multicolored strands.
@BWeaves Lovely studs and your new carved Kamoka pendant is very pretty and unique!

@eolian pearls Oh my goodness, the Bliss and the Love strand...together....bestill my heart! Soooo, so gorgeous and totally glam:10:!
Thank you @CortezPearls , @BWeaves , @SunSeeker and @SurfnSci !!!

So so happy with my pearl collection right now! A perfect moment to just enjoy the ban island ;-) I mean I just wanted a T pendant when I first came to this site and I never would have believed how far my budget can be stretched given the right pearly motivation :) I do have a last few pieces on the way still...;-)
It's so hot here that I just want to wear pendants. Full strands are so hot. Today it's my Jurassic Time Traveler pendant from Kamoka (prehistoric shark's tooth and carved Tahitian pearl). Plus my other mismatched studs from Kamoka. This time peacock and lavender.



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Tooth, not took. I don't know how to edit my post.
At the bottom of your post you should be able to see an option the EDIT your posts. I already edited the word for you so don't worry :)
Thank you @SurfnSci! Funny, I have never worn that tin cup and was considering giving it away and now I really love it with the Takahashis... I got lucky with this layering, still havent gotten to the paperclip already managed that one ;-) not so hopeless :) My inspiration also comes from here of course!
I am waaaay behind! BWeaves, I always love those Kamoka pieces. My kitchen is actually dark, the photo is of an area downstairs that is set up like a kitchenette, but it is my craft/storage area. The cabinets and counters are nicer than my kitchen!:rolleyes: SurfnSci, the SS pearls and keshi are so pretty and delicate. Beautiful! And eolian~ what can I say ~ all your Tahitian gorgeousness! Wowie, they are spectacular!
Eolian Pearls: The Takahashi's glow, and I love them with the tin-cup.

JEG: Ooo, love your new ring and pendant. I so missed not being able to go.
Thank you, BWeaves and SurfnSci!

Pearls By The Bay outfit~ feather pearl strand and earrings, mixed feather pearl strand, Akoya keshi ombré rope, and white Tahitian pendant, all from Kojima. J.Hunter Fiji bracelet from PP Ruckus and a white Tahitian keshi bracelet I put together. Basically, a pile of pearls.:lmao:I even had my blue Tahitian strand from Collins Pearls on for a while, too!
Thank you @BWeaves and @jeg!

Jeg I love the vibrant colors on your new pieces from Kojima! And WOW your pearly party pearls!!! Such a pearly extravaganza!!! The akoya keshi ombre with the turtle clasp is so so cute! And the feathers! White T!!! Beautiful!

I need to share this wonderful 13mm SSP drop I got from the lovely Kathleen @Katbran of PearlzAustralia. I have been in love with this pearl from the moment I opened my package. It is certified gem luster pearl from THAT Aussie pearl company and I planned to use it in a cage like setting (still needs to arrive)’s just too beautiful to cover up even a bit...will see once the cage arrives... I took a picture with my Takahashi akoyas and I am SO impressed with the SSP‘s luster and overtones without any treatment... My pearl wishlist just got updated ;-)
Thank you, eolian! Oh boy, that is one beautiful pearl. The luster is gorgeous and I especially love the shape!

I’m wearing a couple of strands from Collins Pearls. A true Tahitian harvest strand from the last harvest, and a keshi strand with a crazy metallic lime green keshi in the center.