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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


PG Forum Admin
Great pearls, beautiful jewelry and lovely models!
Has been a very tough week for me (personally) so my apologies for posting so poorly :tired:
We are soon to jump into the forum migration...totally new system, most of you have been exposed to it so you know what to expect.

Jeremy and I feel it will make a huge difference in the way we work & play on the new system. So, let us ride unto a brave new world...but with our feet planted into a traditional look and feel, so it will not be jarring.

Happy Weekend Happy Shiny Pearl Lovers!
jeg Beautiful beautiful pearls, such amazing luster and colors! And the cutest dress! Perfect combination as always jeg!

I have been in bed for the last few days with a flu but have received some pearly package in the meantime to cheer me up! Here is the Robert Wan pearl from Pearlescence and yay it is a beauty! I have it on a tray on my blanket to admire for now, cant wait to try it on!CAF3B460-2B0F-453F-8913-2EEF52EB8F03.jpg


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Traveling Pearl
Thanks so much, Douglas, eolian and BWeaves! Douglas! I certainly hope everything is looking up for you and hope it was just a one week thing. I’m looking forward to catching up soon! Eolian, I hope you are now recovered from your flu! New pearls are always an instant remedy. That Robert Wan pearl looks beautiful, and ooooo, the strands on your bedside tray are fantastic, gorgeous beauties to play with!


jeg I've been on a gold craze lately, I think because of seeing all of your beautiful GSS pieces :05:. That rope is spectacular! And your beautiful spring medley rope! Love love love the rose gold flower ring and earrings, too.

eolian pearls Oh no, I hope you are feeling better!!! Your new RW pendant is just gorgeous with the blue/purple/green overtones!

CortezPearls Sending kind thoughts your way!

Today I'm wearing a green/gold Kamoka keshi pearl that I mounted on a twisted wire setting:
Click image for larger version  Name:	20220509_191631.jpg Views:	0 Size:	532.3 KB ID:	461510


Traveling Pearl
Thanks SurfnSci!! Ooooo, gold crazy? Do share… in the meantime, the color of that Kamoka keshi is wonderful, and wrapped on that ring is perfection! Love it!

Wearing Turquoise, peridot and pearl earrings and necklace from Hawaii, with a tin cup I made of extra Akoya. And I’ve been sitting in the yard feeding squirrels and watching the lilacs go from buds to blooms. Decided to cut some and bring them inside, even though they are a little too fragrant for my liking.

44BCE0B3-A66F-4EC1-87BB-9EFB58C7235A.jpg 753B203D-87DB-4300-99CE-811A171442C2.jpg 67B3125C-1D7F-428C-A3D9-D29DE3BBF87A.jpg


jeg ​​Beautiful pearls, paisley top AND lilacs! I always love turquoise and pearls together, and your earrings/necklace combination with the peridot is really lovely. Gorgeous akoya tincup, too; I'm in awe of your professional wirewraps!

Today I'm wearing an ombre SS pearl (gold with white? white with gold?) from JNBgems, and SS keshi from Druzy.
20220510_155050.jpg 20220510_153016.jpg 20220510_153945.jpg
Thank you guys, I am finally finally feeling better! I have finished my Love strand, a big Yay! here it is with the new RW pendant. D3E2E794-5D53-4966-B72C-555FF61AC50A.jpegCC4A8191-192C-4AA6-AB32-89675454F5F3.jpeg

@jeg I have always loved that turquoise set from Hawaii! So so pretty! And the lilacs! I miss them, no lilacs on my island...

@SurfnSci That ombre SS pearl looks absolutely beautiful on the lariat necklace! Such a delicate look! Love your white shirt/blouse as well! And the golden/green Kamoka keshi is such a darling!


Thank you Charlotta and Eolian!

@eolian pearls The Love strand is perfection!!!! There are some amazing colors there (especially the center gold-green T, wowza) - and it looks fantastic on you! Love the new RW pendant in action, too :love: