Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Oh, super! do you think you could put back the box on the bottom that I think was called Similar Threads? I was on a search of PG this past weekend, I confess I have no great skills, but it was Hell. The similar threads used to be so great for short cuts.

I am Eternally Grateful for all of what you do, and hope everyone is in good health!
Thank you, Cathy, SurfnSci, echo and Charlotta! Echo, Tahitians are always a good choice! I love, love your design with the leather knots, and the length looks perfect on you!

Ok, thanks Douglas and Jeremy. I dont’ know whether to be happy or scared about a new update. :11:

One more vacation pic from my lanai, wearing my Traveling Pearl-
And, wearing my Akoya studs from Takahashi Pearl, with a mixed medley rope from Kojima. Tried taking more pics of the studs in different light.
Jotted that feature down!
We know. But we are indeed trying to have the best possible experience for all...these "quirks" are annoying.
Ooh, Jeg, that lanai balcony view ... WOW, not sure I could ever leave that balcony. The luster on those new studs is beyond belief, and the little smiling shell boxes just take the cake!
Lovely combination of leather and Ts echo! Are these from KeshiCo as well? I cant wait to receive my pieces from Molly, the package is already really close to me, fingers crossed for next week delivery!

jeg your studs are the most lustruous pearls ever!!! The are absolutely breathtaking, I love love love the play of pinks and blues on them! Cant get any lovelier than this!

I was playing mix and match today, and managed to tick off akoyas, FW, Tahitian and SS pearls all in one go :) The akoyas are from Takahashi and the earrings were made by lovely Margaret of Simply Adorned.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!
E7B83690-56DB-4785-8000-A70DB56742C3.jpeg - Click image for larger version  Name:	E7B83690-56DB-4785-8000-A70DB56742C3.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	76.0 KB ID:	459990
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Thank you Douglas and Charlotta!

jeg thank you! The design is from Molly of Keshico. I can only take credit of buying and wearing them lol

eolian pearls love your all kinds of pearl set. Are the bigger pearls in the earrings blue akoya? And the centre pearl in the necklace SS? Yes the leather and pearl ones are from keshico. Look forward to seeing your ones in action
Happy weekend, everyone!

echo Love, love, love your tahitian strand leather necklace- It looks fantastic on you and is a really cool design!!! And the gorgeous leather and paperclip T bracelets! Hmm, now I definitely need to add a leather T necklace to my wishlist.

jeg What a pretty view from your lanai! Love the mixed Kojima strand and wowza, those Takahashi studs are incredible in any light.

eolian pearls That is a gorgeous look! I especially love your necklace design. It all looks so pretty and delicate.

Wearing a Cortez mabe from Druzy today.
Thank you, Cathy, Charlotta, eolian, and SurfnSci! I am so in love with the Akoya studs. Also so happy to be able to go back and forth to Hawaii. I’m not planning to leave the country any time soon as I still worry about staying safe, so Hawaii makes for a great destination for me.

Echo, you can still take credit for excellent taste and knowing your style! Eolian, those purply/periwinkle colors are so pretty! The colors are so uplifting. SurfnSci, did you do a custom design with your SOC mabe? I don’t remember seeing that one. I really love it!

Wearing my Tahitian studs from Takahashi, a macrame keshi bracelet from Kamoka, and a reimagined Tahitian necklace.

Click image for larger version  Name:	A96023E1-858E-4295-97B5-7B3AB74C2D1A.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	487.2 KB ID:	460030

Click image for larger version  Name:	A96023E1-858E-4295-97B5-7B3AB74C2D1A.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	487.2 KB ID:	460030
Thank you all!

echo Yes, the silver blue akoyas are on the earrings and the SS pearls are the keshis there. The necklace pearl is actually a white tahitian. I know! A tahitian doesnt come to mind when you first see the pearl, a tricky tricky pearl :)

SurfnSci WOW! What a wonderfully simple yet absolutely stunning design!!! Love love love it! Please do tell us more!

jeg I love labradorites and pearls combination and reimagined necklaces and macrames and yours are so so pretty! And those Takahashi Ts... Like staring into the heart of ocean...Beautiful!
What a beautiful cortez mabe SurfnSci. It's perfect for your skintone and haircolor
Beautiful tahitians jeg, especially that bracelet. Makes me want to try macrame. Maybe after I master the amigurumi crochet I give it a go.
SurfnSci I don’t think you will regret a leather T necklace. It’s extremely versatile that you can wear with anything even gym clothes :). Your SoC is gorgeous! I love how you integrated it into the necklace.

jeg you are so kind :p. Your choice of pearls for the outfit is spot on as always.

eolian pearls a tricky pearl indeed! But absolutely beautiful. And how interesting that the SS keshis are almost a perfect colour match to the akoyas.
Thank you, eolian, Charlotta and echo! Right back at you, echo!!! Eolian, thank you, I couldn’t believe when I got the Tahitian studs from Takahashi. They are really incredible, and I’ve seen a lot of Tahitians. Charlotta, the Kamoka bracelet is very retro and beachy and so easy to wear. I plan to get a lot of wear out of it once summer rolls around.

Long Kojima pearl medley strand doubled, with earrings I made.
Love the Kojima medley strand and goes perfect with those earrings you made! :love:
Thank you Douglas and Jeremy and all the folks who support Pearl Guide. I bless the day I stumbled on to Pearl Guide, the best port in a storm, succor and sustaining force.
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