Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Happy New Year, Douglas! I hope you are able to get online soon. We miss you! Thank you, Charlotta! My studs are getting a winter workout.

Another day on foot. I had brunch with friends, but all bundled up with very little jewelry. Wearing my silver grey Akoya studs from Takahashi Pearl again, with a vintage Tiffany ring I inherited a long, long time ago. Sometimes it’s a “snowflake” and sometimes it’s a “flower,” but I rarely wear it in any season.
OOO, those studs are like mirror. I love the subtle colors of pink and green in the grey.
Oh Jeg those Takahashis are glowing on you!!!! And WOW to you Tiffany snowflake! Absolutely beautiful!!!! And I can only imagine how perfect both of these gems are in your snowy surroundings❄️❄️❄️
lilpearl I like that ring!

JegAbsolutely gorgeous shine. Diamonds and pearls like mirrors; that is a really fun ring! You can’t beat sparkle, as a mood-lifter for shorter or overcast days.
You all look wonderful!
I do well enough with just the phone, too, except for writing emails, posts, and wanting to enlarge photos. Typing on the phone is sooooo too slow.
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I’m thinking you all must be bored by these, but these blue akoya with cream akoya dangles (Mom’s) feel like the best earrings for everyday now.


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Happy New Year, all! Wow, I have so enjoyed catching up on everyone's pearly beauties today!!!

jeg What a lovely tea shop! And sooo many beautiful pearls!!!! I am drooling over your CMW mixed necklace and the keshi strand you made and those gorgeous Takahashi studs...and what an adorable shell-shaped jewelry box. And your tiffany ring, oh my goodness, wowza :32:
eolian pearls Your new SimplyAdorned tincup necklace is so pretty! The centerpiece pearl has such personality.
BWeaves It is so wonderful your loom finally arrived, congrats! And please post pics of those fabulous Kojima necklaces when they arrive :love:
lisa c That is a very pretty and unique earring combination. I've not tried a pearl stud with a pearl drop before, and now I'm feeling inspired to try it!
Lilpearl What a fantastic statement ring! You have an amazing ring collection.
CortezPearls Interrupted internet access is one of the worst parts of moving! I do hope everything else went well with your move and that you are hopefully back online now.

So excited to be wearing my new J. Hunter pearls today. Purchased as a bracelet for Christmas/birthday, but I shortened it and wire wrapped two of the pearls to make a pair of earring drops.
Click image for larger version  Name:	20220104_161854.jpg Views:	0 Size:	362.2 KB ID:	459055 Click image for larger version  Name:	20220104_141035.jpg Views:	0 Size:	472.7 KB ID:	459056 Click image for larger version  Name:	20220104_161553.jpg Views:	0 Size:	328.4 KB ID:	459057
Yahoo! I am back Online!!! :arms:
They finally took mercy on me...these fickle "gods of the Internet" took their time but I now have a 100 Mb connection. I will be able to finally add more comments and even add to my Pinterest account!
Happy new year everyone! So lovely to see you all enjoying your stunning pearls during the holiday period Jeg, Eolian Pearls, SurfnSci, lilpearl and lisa c.

Inspired by you creative ladies, I’ve finally got some time to sit down quietly by myself to practise some stringing. My first try was my gothic T bracelet. Sorry I lost the before photo. Switched out a few pearls I didn’t like to the new ones I sourced. Changed the original silver gimp to rose gold ones to match the clasp. Took me a long time to get it done. Now I love the bracelet a lot more


Amazing ring and earrings jeg
We never get tired of earrings like these lisa c. They are wonderful
Beautiful bracelet and earrings SurfnSci. Love the colors and so fortunate that you could remove pearls for earrings and still have enough for a bracelet. Usually I need at least 7,5 inches of pearls depending on what clasp I use and how wide they are.
​​​​​​​@echo your remade bracelet is gorgeous. I love the darker tahitians and they have an amazing luster. Soon you can string pearls in your sleep (not really whilst sleeping... But you know what I mean.) It's such a great soothing thing to do. Except when the tread breaks...or the needle...or the cat upends the beading board...
Lovely to have you back Douglas!!!

Thank you SufnSci and echo! I do love the new tincup and was wearing it through the holiday season. Today echo inspired me to take out my dark Ts ;-) lovely remake echo, the rose gold clasp is a perfect fit to those dark beauties!

SurfnSci what an amazing addition to your collection! Fiji pearls!!! Those colors are very special, they have such a seaside feel to me and I love your sparkly findings too!

LisaC I could never get tired of admiring blue akoyas! Lovely lovely earrings!

My dark purple teal earrings from tehotumana on Etsy. They are 9,5mm and started my jpurney into darker pearls...I do have a 12mm pendant from Pearlescence waiting for me at my UK friend’s house that should kind of be a bigger sister to these, fingers crossed!
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Whoah! Stunning Purples there! Deep Purple music playing on the background there.
Good size and shape...looks great on you! :love:
Thank you everyone for the kind compliments!!

Yay! Happy you are back, Douglas! Never bored, Lisa! SurfnSci, I love the colors of your bracelet, and the earrings you were able to make are fantastic! Echo, your knotting turned out exceptionally well. What a great job you did! Beautiful T’s, eolian, and we had the same thoughts- blue sweater and dark Tahitians!

Strand made of Rikitea pearls from Cees, Tahitian ring from Hong Kong, and a pair of blue Tahitian studs from Takahashi Pearl. They are photographing a little green for me, but they are a blue. I’m attaching the photo that was sent from Takahashi that shows the blue color.
Click image for larger version  Name:	9CB8FA80-D6D1-4304-9C10-458507B7F5A3.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	783.1 KB ID:	459088
Click image for larger version  Name:	9CB8FA80-D6D1-4304-9C10-458507B7F5A3.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	783.1 KB ID:	459088
Click image for larger version  Name:	9CB8FA80-D6D1-4304-9C10-458507B7F5A3.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	783.1 KB ID:	459088
Oh my gosh! Literally, the pearl photography you guys are posting - my head keeps bobbing back on my neck with the dazzle! Such glowing colors and crisp reflections!!!!
Jeg - That ring! Holy scrimoli! Those earrings, wow.
Eolian - your collection and sunny effects make me long for the beach, always - and I don’t like beaches. (I know, i know, I’m an alien)
surfnsci - speechless! J Hunter pearls, swooning here...
echo - yikes! Well done, and thank you for including your work tray, that’s always a treat.
Charlotta2.0 - are you the original Charlotta? Your posts are always fun,

and now I have to sit on my hands, because looking at all your pearls, I want to shop. Oh, The Force of Pearls is so strong, I want to shop....
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HA ... yes, Walter manages to convince himself HE finds all those special pearls ;)
Gasp! OMG...dazzling black beauties jeg :07:
I mean...they are GORGEOUS! :notworthy:
Such beautiful earrings and pendant eolian pearls. They look great on you
jeg, so pretty pearls and such pretty colors.
lisa c yep, I am both Charlotta and Charlotta2.0. I had posted to many photos and couldn't post anymore. But being sneaky and having no patience I made a new account...if I want I can argue with myself....
Charlotta2.0 thank you Charlotta! I wish one day I can string as nicely and efficiently as you do. You really crack me up when you said you can argue with yourself via your second account :lol:

eolian pearls you pulled off the dark purple studs really well! They look very lovely on you. Funny ever since I followed tehotumana I’ve noticed their blue T studs sell out instantly whenever they list a pair. Would love to see them in action if it was anyone here purchased them:p. I look forward to seeing your T pendant in action when it arrives

jeg stunning pearls as always. But that T trio ring just takes my breath away with their shocking colour and lustre. How do you keep it in such great condition? Any non-pearl ring I wear end up getting scratches. I sadly kept my distance from pearl rings. Just can’t deal with the heartbreak of ruining beautiful pearl…

lisa c thank you for your kind comment. I totally feel your urge to shop for more pearls. This thread just keeps bringing so many possibilities of enjoying pearls
Thank you so much guys!

Ha Douglas Deep Purple! Funny enough they were the first concert that I ever went to...with a friend who had free tickets...I have no idea how they ended up in my hometown, all I know is that we were having the best time and were even invited backstage to meet the band... I still have the signed tickets in my “teenage treasure box” somewhere... I was grounded forever after I came home so so late (no mobiles in 1991) but it is still my favorite concert story to tell ;-)

LisaC you are so funny! I am happy to make you long for beach ;-) And I am sitting on my hands with you! I decided to try a no-buy year (specifically for jewelry and clothes) as I really really hope to go on some nice long trips so I will be saving up for that. However I still have a few projects from 2021 that are unfinished or on the way so there will be new pearls for me to look forward to

echo I know, those blues sell out so fast!!! I would love to see them too! You got me following Keshico BTW ;-) and lucky me I still managed to get myself a keshi leather set in 2021...will share once I have them of course :)

Talking about blues...jeg that is another spectacular Takahashi pair! And the ring!!!! I am with echo, I LOOOOVE that ring, ever since I first saw it it has been up there with my favorite rings on PG...with BWeaves’s and Red’s SoCs....
Bweaves, have you received your Kojima 8strand necklace yet? I tried to see it on Sarah’s website, and I couldn’t. I’d love to see it, if you have time!

(I’ve tried a few times, and no luck)