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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New Member

That looks great! I'm so glad it worked out....it looks magnificent this way!

Is PP offering that style of enhancer now?


New Member
Thank you all for your kind words. I?m very pleased with how the piece turned out. I have 2 more drops I can wear with the necklace once I get the proper enhancer fitting. I?m afraid it may be a little fancy to wear to work with suits, but I don?t go anywhere else, lol.

GemGeek, thanks for the compliment, she had great style. I?m not secret royalty, lol, I just have Champagne tastes (on a Chardonnay budget).

CMD and Katbran, the clasp came with the strand when I bought it from PP as part of the Connoisseur sale. It is a 19 mm circle of diamonds with 2 fold-over clasp ends. I ordered one more of the fold-over clasps to use as an enhancer for my Edison drop. PP does not offer the clasp as a regular item, but they can special order it from KGH. KGH offers the circle in 14 mm or 19 mm and the fold-over clasp in 2 sizes. I think my combo is K517-19. The K517 worked well as an enhancer for my Edison because it had a wide flat area on top. The K516 might make a better enhancer for a pearl with a smaller tip.

Close-up of my clasp before re-stringing:
WSS freeform baroque2.jpg

KGH K516-19:
KGH K516-19 (0.14ct 19mm).jpg

KGH K517-14:
KGH K517-14 (0.14ct 14mm).jpg


New Member
I found some pretty GSSP studs on Etsy (at least that us what the vendor says they are) but the price was pretty terrific so even if they are I am I am not very knowledgable to be able to tell the difference from GSSP and freshwater.

If they are dyed freshwaters they are still pretty.

they are 10mm

View attachment 36514

Ckrickett, the color looks lovely on you. If the price was low enough, it doesn't matter if they are FW instead of GSS.


New Member
Kay, so stunning, how large is your new Edison?

ckrickett, I need a pair like that, love!!!!!

The Edison is 14.25 x 16.2 mm. Once I bought my first 14-15 mm pearl pendant last year, I have not been able to go below 14 mm for a pendant again.

Oh Them Gems

New Member
Welcome to the forum! To answer your question: the pearls are actually 18 1/8" including one side of the ball clasp. Larger pearls fit smaller on the neck, but feel so good!

Thank you!

I'm glad I asked. I've been enjoying wearing my 8.5-9mm "freshadama" "classic white rounds" at 16 inches in length. Your necklace length looks perfect for that size pearl. Good to know.