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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Active member
So many beautiful looks. I've been wearing pearls almost every day, but not photographing them. The light has just been too harsh here in Florida to do the pearls justice. I'm hoping that the light is softening now that November is nigh.


Love the WSS strand Jeg! Very classy and beautiful

Today I’m wearing two bracelets from keshico. First one is T keshis braided together. Another one is small T and Indonesian GSS mix. I’m wearing an Australian cygnet bay WSS pendant on the long silver chain handmade by lovely Sarah from Ocean’s Cove. Absolutely love Sarah’s metalsmithing work. T earrings are from Pearlescence. My piercings are high so they sit on an angle in the photo.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend




Here are two of my bracelets worn. It's my Changing leaves bracelet and my Woodfire bracelet. Perfect for autumn


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WHEW! Somebody, who is not me, bought my earrings from Kojima. The big pink drops with diamond huggies. I know they would have been too heavy for my ears, but I did enjoy drooling over them on the Kojima website.


Traveling Pearl
Thanks everyone! Echo and Charlotta, nice colorful bracelets!! I also love all your other pieces, echo! Darn, BWeaves- It would’ve been fun to see that pair in person.

Bunny and Traveling Pearl are back on the islands soaking up the sun and ono delicious food. I only brought a couple pearls with me. Took a pic of the macrame bracelet from Kamoka on our early morning walk, waiting for the sun to rise.
481F486A-3674-4957-B1AD-4D037D90DFD9.jpeg 204662F8-F65B-4A5D-BDD4-BC819282F806.jpeg


Active member
Ooh, enjoy the sun, Jeg! That shave ice looks divine, I'm sure Bunny is enjoying it ;) What a lovely beach photo is, really shows off that gorgeous Kamoka macrame bracelet perfectly. Have a grand time :)
Just gorgeous jeg ,everything is. That bracelet is devine. Maybe should learn macrame. I think that I learnt it at school, don't remember a bit of it. The shaved ice looks delicious. That reminds me of when I once ordered a ice shaving thinghy of ebay (when ebay was relatively new). It took forever to arrive and was utterly useless. I had totally forgotten that. I don't have it anymore, probably lost in a move or something. Have a fun trip, you and the travelling bunnypearl


I’m drooling over that plate of yummy fruity shaved ice Jeg:p and that lovely kamoka macrame bracelet of course. What a coincidence my pearl macrame bracelets went to the beach yesterday with their cowrie shell friend




echo Wow, so many beautiful bracelets!!! Your GSS macrame bracelet is especially luminous and pretty!
Charlotta2.0 ​​​​Your Changing Leaves bracelet and your Woodfire bracelet are both spectacular.
jeg That is a lovely macrame bracelet! I have major shave ice envy - Have a fantastic trip!


Traveling Pearl
Thank you, Cathy, Charlotta, Red, echo, and SurfnSci! Red! I thought of you when I passed a certain store. I’ll send you a pic! Echo, I love your bracelets! Perfect for the beach and every day! That pic is of my very favorite shave ice. I could eat it twice a day...

I brought a pair of Tahitian earrings with me as well. They are from my summer visit to Kojima. A beautiful bluish green color that is of course, not exhibited in the pics because I couldn’t resist taking pics with the plants.
574C24ED-B67B-4074-B0F9-AD966081D215.jpeg BEA3D480-C6F3-41B5-AE89-A6B0A7EECD42.jpeg 5968D7DC-6814-42B6-B8C7-C14FC689B4A7.jpeg C492AF3D-5CB9-4425-88DD-5176F5F58D11.jpeg


Love everyone’s bracelets! I never knew I wanted a macrame bracelet for the beach until now
Jeg, those earrings are a wonderful colour. Blue-green pearls are my favourites.
A mixed pearl and labradorite necklace for me today.
Click image for larger version  Name:	6D4BEA88-40AF-4F84-9789-01C8AB452F43.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	765.9 KB ID:	457790
echo beautiful bracelets. I have to try making those.
Thank you SurfnSci. I love making bracelets, much more forgiving than strands even though I make them as well. I remake the strands more often, correcting placement or what not.
Gorgeous photos and tahitian studs jeg. Very pretty color on the earrings. I am always wearing studs nowadays. I have been rotating three pair for months, either of them goes with anything else.
​​​​​​​That strand looks so good on you SydK. Beautiful combination of pearls and labradorites. Did you just make it?


Thank you Red, SurfnSci, Jeg, SydK and Charlotta. I love wearing pearls on the wrist. They always put a smile on me when I look at their glow and colours. The nylon macrame makes them suitable for heavy duty wear.

jeg I enjoy your lustrous T studs’ photos with all the colourful plants. It’s amazing how background colour can affect the colour of pearls!

SydK your mix strand has a very lovely balance. Those carved labradorite makes the pearls stand out. Very nice contrast!