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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
Thank you for the compliments on the blues.

Today's walking pearls---my Tahitian strand from PP's sale in September 2014. The Tahitian studs were selected by me in person at PP.



A couple of glamour photos; mine is the front stand in the wave photo. The other photo is after stringing.




Traveling Pearl
Gemandpearlover, you have a wonderful collection of big freshwaters!

BWeaves, beautiful blues!

Red, love your combinations of colorful T’s!

I had to go out today. Wearing another tin cup made with pearls I found at Pearls By The Bay. The pearls are a coppery green and the pendant pearl has a natural hole perfect for using as a pendant.




New member
Ladies, you make me smile, looking at all the beautiful pearls, you lovelies wear each day.

Jeg, I love the pendant, and this PbyB tin cup. Lovely. Your daily walks look devine.

Gemandpearlover, those are lovely ripples. I am a true die hard ripple fan.

Red, my oh my, your new T earrings are spectacular, and look fantastic with your blue overtone T strand. Love them together. And loving your baroque T strand. It picked up the aubergine and cherry colors worn next to your purple sweater. Splendid

BWeaves your blues look so nice on you. You wear them perfectly.

Not too long ago I purchased a gorgeous baroque, light silver Tahitian strand from Cees. I did not have anything close to this color Tahitian. The strand looked lovely in the photo, and when it arrived it was nothing short of amazing in luster and color. Truly exquisite, so lustrous it looks metallic ! Very happy with my new strand, and it will wear well with my other Ts. :D
Cees Baroque silver T  2.jpg


  • Cees Baroque silver T 3.jpg
    Cees Baroque silver T 3.jpg
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Oh, beautiful pearls everyone! Red and Bweaves, those blues are killing me! 86C, you’re always so glam! Jeg, what a great pendant, and that sage green is so nice on you. Sarahsmiles, your wedding pearls are beautiful. And G&Plover, your freshwater collection is unparalleled.

I reached for the classics today - baroque akoyas on cashmere. Tricky to capture the luster in photos. I rarely wear these - they were always a bit too formal for my lifestyle, plus I discovered Tahitians - but after a few weeks in trackpants, I felt like wearing something a bit fancier today :)


Oh, Azflygirl, I didn’t see your post before I posted. What a ravishing silver strand, and it looks wonderful on you - well chosen!
A good strand of silver Tahitians has just zoomed to the top of my wishlist!


Active member
Red, great T's. JEG, cool tin-cup. AZflygirl, beautiful blues. I'm a sucker for blues. SydK, love a classic akoya and baroque akoyas often look even better than perfect round ones. I love cashmere and white pearls.

Today it dropped to 60F. Tomorrow it will be back up in the 80s or 90s.

I'm wearing the restrung Tahitians from PP, the All-Josh 2019 Harvest strand from Kamoka, and Walter Who hanging off an enhancer.



Traveling Pearl
Thanks so much Katbran, AzFlyGirl, Syd, and BWeaves!:eek:

AzFlyGirl, oooo, those sliver T’s! I love them!

SydK, you can never go wrong with the classics. I know what you mean about wanting to dress up. I normally love wearing dresses so it’s been weird hanging out at home in an oversized T-shirt.

BWeaves, The Who Brothers are a hit. They are going to be so versatile and also very showy!


New member
Jeg- That gorgeous tin cup strand with pendant looks perfect with your outfit. The pendant pearl is a work of art.

AZflygirl- Those are some of the prettiest Tahitians I have ever seen. The color reminds me of high luster silver/blue Akoya pearls. That is a very special strand.

Sydk- Those are beautiful Akoyas. I think you are rocking them with casual wear clothes.

BWeaves- Your pearls are fabulous as always and you always know just how to layer them to achieve your special looks.

Today I am just wearing lowly FW pearls with a forest green T-shirt and yoga pants. My saltwater pearls I suspect will be more interesting to me when the weather warms up. We woke up to snow and braved the biting winds to take our dogs for their daily walk. The sun was shining so that was nice. The next few days I will be working long hours as we prepare for a surge of patients which I hope will not come. Endless but much needed preparation to keep the community safe.



Active member
Red, those are great T's!!
Jeg, I love the coppery green colors & that pendant is splendid!!! Such a unique shape.
Love those silver T's, AzFlyGirl!! Such luster!!!
SydK, you can never go wrong with classic Akoyas! Yours are beautiful & look almost round!!
BW, I love those strands together & Walter Who looks right at home!!
Gemandpearlover, your freshies look wonderful on you!

Today, it's no jewelry. I've been busy with laundry & some spring cleaning. With hubby home all day, it's really hard to get my spring cleaning done cause he's constantly interrupting me. I did get the windows cleaned, the vacuuming done & the filters changed out for the furnace & the return air vents. It's suppose to rain this weekend so I plan on going through some of the clutter that has piled up.

Ladies, you make my day with all your pearl lovelies!!


New member
Thank you, for all the kind comments on my new silver T strand. I must admit, when I first saw the strand, the color and luster look more like a South Sea pearls, than Tahitians. But wow, they really are incredible and I am so happy I splurged on that strand.

I have not been on PG much lately as been quarantined for 7 days. I am feeling grateful today, as yesterday was my last day of quarantine, and I am free to self-isolate again. Being very careful, as this was a bit of a scare truthfully. Though fearful in the past two month since I continued to work, reality gobsmacked me with the quarantine! Needless to say, this has allowed me to deeply think of the situation, and I decided to take a emergency leave through the end of May. I am somewhat relieved after this decision, and came through my scare.

Gemandpearlover, I want to thank you for doing all you are doing during this pandemic ! The hard fight is being fought, and I want you to know how much appreciation I have what you are doing. The reality of my quarantine really set in, and I am grateful for all the medical community, who work tirelessly each day to help with this horrible pandemic! THANK YOU !

BWeaves, I love the layered two T strands, they look lovely together. As well as the 'who' brothers, are delightful and look great paired with your strand.

Gemandpearlover, your FWP look lovely on you. I must admit I enjoy my FWP strands and enjoy wearing them. Nothing lowly about them!! :rolleyes:

SydK, your baroque akoyas look very elegant. Love those baroques as you can really dress them up or down! They are chameleons.

With my time off, I will try to post more photos, since I will have some time again. :) I have purchased a couple of strands in the past year, I have not posted, so now I will be able to photograph them and share. I need the practice of taking these photos, as I am not very good with capturing their true beauty.

So today, I am posting a Kojima necklace I purchased from Sarah. This beauty has lovely dark charcoal body color, with a bronze like overtone. Unique. I thought this strand would be great as a choker , as to layer with my other Ts.
Kojima Elephant Charcoal bronze T.jpg
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Traveling Pearl
Thanks, 86C and Gemandpearlover!

86C, wow, you got a lot done!! Please send some motivation my way...

Gemandpearlover, you have the best variety of strand lengths for your double layers!

Beautiful strand of Tahitians, AzFlyGirl! You have quite a collection of T’s!


Thank you everyone for your kind comments. Gemandpearlover, I like your layering, and the white pearls are so pretty with that dark green. Fingers crossed that there is no influx!
Azflygirl, congratulations on the end of your quarantine! Such scary times. The bronze strand is is also stunning and such an unusual colour, but I must admit that I cannot stop looking at that silver strand - that luster!
Bweaves, Walter Who is gorgeous and looks right at home with those strands.


Active member
Oh another thread I disparaged brown gems, but AzFlyGirl's bronze Tahitians are gorgeous. I bite my tongue.

Also, I sort of have a brown gem today. My Kamoka Pelagic Time Traveler arrived today. It's a carved pistachio 10mm Tahitian pearl and a fossil shark's tooth from the Miocene Epoch (approximately 23 to 5 million years old). I have dubbed her The Goddess.


I'm so not a shark's tooth person, but I'm in love with the pendant, so I had to put it on immediately. I feel like she's waving at me.


I'm also wearing my Miki yellow gold huggies, and two Tahitian tin-cups from Kojima. The shorter one is ombre' with the colors getting lighter towards the pendant.


Yesterday I wore my Miki white gold huggies. The pearls are slightly different between the two pairs of earrings. The white gold pearls are very white and slightly bigger, but the yellow gold pearls are pinked and slightly smaller.



Active member
AzFlyGirl, your bronze Tahitians are beautiful!

Love the Goddess, BW. She looks wonderful on you!!

Today, hubby & I are going to go for a drive just to get out of the house so I'm wearing my light GSS strand with my strand of Fiji pearls I got from Cees. Also wearing my favorite GSS ring & a GSS/WSS bypass bracelet.


  • Fiji Tahitians GSS.jpg
    Fiji Tahitians GSS.jpg
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Traveling Pearl
Bweaves, the Time Traveler/Goddess is really cool. It works well with on that necklace, too!

86C, really pretty layers for your drive by today!

I got to do something fun this week. A friend invited two of us over for a patio play date. We stayed in a social distance triangle and enjoyed the weather and garden. I knew they would be dressed casually, but they know I am unpredictable. I decided to dress for a garden party since I haven’t worn much of anything fun these days... Wearing my little h seed pearl earrings and Golden SS pearls from PP Ruckus.



Active member
Thanks, BW & Jeg. It was a nice drive & it was good to look at some different scenery. I'm getting stir crazy at home. Kanaloa is wanting to get out so I'll have to figure out a trip for him. LOL

Jeg, you look lovely for your garden party. You're perfectly dressed & accessorized with you little h earrings & Ruckus GSS necklace!


New member
BW, 86C , Jeg and Syd, thank you for your kind comments.

BW, the 'Goddess' is lovely. And a chameleon ! The intricate carving is so pretty. In the picture of her in the box, she looks like a sultry charcoal. Then the minute you wore it with your shirt and other strands, she shines in green, and the sharks tooth, even has blue/aqua on the bottom tip. She is lovely indeed.

86C, Those two strands look very nice together, as they complement each other. The lighter color GSS looks beautiful on your skin tone. Never thought of that color, or Champagne for myself, but after seeing your strand, I will definitely be checking them out!

Jeg, you dressed perfectly for a garden party! Love the attire, and the rope is perfection. Looks so good with your beautiful floral dress.

Today I am posting a photo that made me happy. It T necklace is a baroque multi-color from Pearl Paradise, during a sale a while back. In February, for my dear friend's birthday celebration, our yearly ritual is to go to Chanel for our makeup done, then go out for a day of shopping, happy hour and dinner at a favorite restaurant. As I sat in the chair having my makeup applied, the makeup artist and friend kept saying how amazing my necklace looked, the colors were exquisite. I had no idea, until I turned looking in the mirror. Sure enough they glowed and looked stunning. So when the artist was done, I took a selfie, NOT of my makeup, but of my T necklace! Who would have thought, department store lighting, would be a pearl enhancer. lol

I know I am on a roll with my Ts, lately.........promise soon to get to some of my other lovely pearls. :rolleyes:

PP Shaken not stirred 4.jpg
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