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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


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Right, which one of you snagged my earrings from Kojima? If they were still there this morning, I was going to buy them.


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Mikimoto white gold huggies. PP multicolored Tahitian strand from Ruckus. Kamoka All-Josh 2019 Harvest necklace. These two necklaces are heavy when worn together. Although they felt lighter as the day went on. My neck muscles must have strengthened.


I haven't worn this duo before. I like the look. All the different multi-colored T's work well together.


Really excellent Tahitians this week, BWeaves. The coral atoll strand shines, and the combo above is very glam, although it must be heavy


BWeaves, those two Tahitian strands together are truly fabulous. They have such lovely colors that go perfectly together.

I am still entranced by the Coral Atoll necklace. Every time you wear it, my heart skips a beat. That is necklace is sublime in my eyes !


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OPINIONS WANTED. On my PP Ruckus Tahitian strand (the shorter strand in the previous photo). When I had them strung, the stringer wanted to swap two of the pearls and I said leave them as they are. But afterwards, I kept thinking she was right.

The center pearl is a large white Tahitian. In the photo, the pearl to the right is light and the next pearl is dark. Should I restring and swap these two pearls so the darker pearl is next to the center white pearl?

Originally, I thought the dark pearl was opposite the intense green pearl on the left, so it was a nice mirror image. But the two light pearls next to each other look unbalanced to me. What do you think? Leave it alone or restring?

Plus, if I restring, I might go for a colorful Beader's Secret thread instead of dull grey or white or whatever they are currently strung with.


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Gorgeous pearls everyone. Bweaves, I think swapping out the two pearls is a great idea. In my opinion it should be some distance between those two light pearls. The darker pearl next to the white one will enhance the white pearl. A more colourful tread also seems like a great idea. Forest perhaps, or navy or teal? I have used forest on most of my mixed tahitian strands, there are always some green pearls in them. Those two strands looks great together.


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OOO, my two Kojima pendants arrived today and they are beautiful. The bails are large enough that my dark blue Vietnamese akoya rope and my pistachio akoyas both fit through the bails, so I have at least two pearl "chains" I can wear these on. Plus, I have a hook enhancer that they will work on to hang off other pearl strands. And I think they'll work fine on orbit clasps, too.

Photos to come.


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Beautiful pearls Libella!

Bweaves- Your Tahitians are gorgeous. The luster really shines through in your photos. Wearing two large gorgeous strands of Tahitians strengthens you neck muscles and your back. :) I think the shorter Tahitian strand would look even lovelier with the white center pearl having a darker contrasting pearl neck to it.


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Wearing Sea of Cortez pearls for my daily walk. Fortunately, while the gyms are closed, our governor has kept the Outdoors open. Sea of Cortez studs, Sea of Cortez keshi necklace set by OceansCove, and a quiet street near my home.





New Member
Lovely and colorful SOC pearls. So pretty.

Today we spent most of the day outside and grilled out over a fire. Casual lavender and white rice pearls felt just right.



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Haven't been here for a while due to work... everyone and their pearls are looking amazing! Hope you all are staying safe.

This is my first weekend off in a long time so am wearing my Freshadama studs whilst in athleisure.



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BWeaves, I'm in agreement about switching the position of that light colored Tahitian, when you get to it, and a hit of more colorful thread!

Good to see you, Red ... SOC looks marvelous; especially those gorgeous stud earrings.


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Everyone looks gorgeous.

Here are my new drops from Kojima. They are huge, but the same size. I actually tried them as black and white earrings by hanging them on some of my hoops. They looked amazing, but were WAY too heavy for my earlobes.

Freshwater drop. It's amazing on all sides. Soap bubble with slight ripples. It needs a name.


Carved Tahitian. It's a true black pearl with a greenish cast. The carving is very well done. My photo does not do it justice. It needs a name.


I've been playing around with hanging both pearls off various necklaces. They both look great on my pistachio akoyas. My blue akoya rope has a couple of pearls that are a hair too big to go through the bail, but I can hang the drops off the orbit clasps with no problem. Another plus to orbit clasps! The dark carved pearl looks great on the TNT necklace. Neck shots to come. I haven't told Greg I bought these. cough cough.


100% of 3 of you said I should restring my PP Ruckus Tahitians and swap the center pearls around. So that pushed me to do it this morning. I even got the stringing right the first time. It usually takes me three tries. An Omni-Visor DA4 really helps me see what I'm doing.

Since these Tahitians are mostly pastel, I was leaning towards Sky, Aqua, and Mint Beader's Secret. Any of these 3 colors would work. Before restringing they were on grey silk. After restringing, they are on MINT.


Not only did I swap the light pearl near the center pearl with the pearl next to it, but I also moved the green pearl next to the pack of Mint down a couple pearls so it would be closer to the front. ( I think I swapped the right and left sides of the necklace when I photographed it again below.)


I'm very happy with the results. After I started cutting the necklace up, I noticed that the grey silk knots were looking a bit shabby. So, the necklace needed restringing anyway.


My beading pad is a beige, butter yellow color.
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