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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Traveling Pearl
Thanks everyone! So happy to see so many of you in pearls. I have not been very good about wearing pearls since being shut in. I actually had to get dressed today to venture out to the grocery store. Wearing a Tahitian keshi rope with the big Kojima Tahitian drop.

I’ve been entertaining myself making face masks.



New member
Well Jeg you had to be the best dressed person in the grocery store! I'm sure you were a bright spot in the store workers day. My daughter has been researching masks all week now; she's about to start up production on the kitchen island, small scale. What happens when you send a science research university librarian home to work online ... research :) She's armed with a number of studies, fabrics, filters, a chemical or 2, oddly, Citric Acid and ... SALT; who'd have thought? But well documented, and there's a possibility her paramedic husband will run out of masks soon so she's on a mission. You brightened MY day too, Jeg, so many thanks for sharing the photos!


Active member
You look fabulous in blues, Gemandpearlover! Love the multi strand look.

Jeg, I just love your mask! It's the most stylish one I've seen!!! Love the keshi with the Kojima pendant, too!


New member
Cathy - That pendant pearl is gorgeous. I saw a tray of them in HK and was mesmerised - seriously I couldn't narrow it down to my favourite ! I think if I'd seen yours though.......
BWeaves - Those Emeralds really glow GREEN don't they !! I'm loving the close ups !
CorvetteG - Turquoise and pearls just scream SUMMER to me ! What a fabulous bracelet !
Sarahsmiles- Fabulous earrings !!
jeg- always beautiful pearls...love the Tahitian drops . They do need to be bright when one has longer dark hair . Those are perfect !


Cute mask, Jeg!
G&Plover - wow! That’s a lot of akoyas! Lovely colour.
I was as classic as classic can be in my baroque akoyas today. Neat from the neck up - lipstick and pearls - for video meetings. :)


Active member
Thank you, Katbran. I have a fairly large NA collection dating mostly from the 40's to the 70's. That petit point bracelet is from the 60's & the ring is from the 50's. I love turquoise & pearls. I agree that it just screams summer!


New member
Jeg I love your colorful face mask. Well done in adding some brightness in the dark.

Sydk- Your pearls look gorgeous and go well with your top.

Today I am wearing more freshwaters. The pastel colors are a nice pick me up.



Active member
I love what everyone is wearing.

It's super hot down here. Over 90F. Yesterday I wore my white gold Mikimoto huggies with the All-Josh 2019 Harvest necklace.


Today I had some ZOOM conferences with clients and co-irkers, so I wore earrings that don't pinch me when I wear my headset. Kojima blue drops on topaz hoops. And The Swan made her spring debut on the white gold knit choker.



Traveling Pearl
Thanks so much CathyKeshi, 86C, Marianne, Katbran, SydK and Gemandpearlover!

You can never go wrong with the classics, SydK! Gemandpearlover, you always look so neatly layered- beautiful freshies! BWeaves- nice look for your conference calls, and 86C, wow, you look so dressed up! Me, I am barely combing my hair these days.

Out for a dog walk. I don’t get very far with a dog who thinks going for walks is an act of animal cruelty. She runs and hides when she sees a leash, and I have to carry her a block from the house or she will try to dig in and not move.:confused: She obviously doesn’t know she’s a dog.
Wearing a Kamoka tin cup.


Parrot Lady

New member
You’re all such a pearly inspirations. I mostly seem to be wearing either my nighttime pajamas or my daytime pajamas. Today, because hair salons are closed, I colored and cut my own hair. I felt so energized with the grey gone that I put on lipstick, a fwp pendant and earrings and walked down to the mailboxes instead of waiting until dark and driving in my pajamas.


Active member
Hours of con calls today. Nana's pearls. I ended up swapping out Nana's earrings for my white gold Miki huggies because they are more comfortable under my headset. But here's what I looked like in the morning.




Active member
Thanks, Jeg. Not dressed up at all. :rolleyes: Hair is pulled back & baseball cap is on, jeans, no bra, & barefoot! You look very nice for a dog walk. I'll have to get out my Tahitian tin cup out tomorrow.

BW, you look great. I love Nana's pearls!!
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lisa c

Perpetual Pearl Student
Bweaves I love when you bring out your Nana’s pearls! That necklace looks rich, elegant.

Jeg, would an update for her pearl collar pique her interest. Winter pearls away, spring paraded across her eyes ?


86C, you look so glam!
Jeg, lol about your dog, but your tin cup is beautiful.
Bweaves, I’ve always admired nana’s necklace - there’s something rather soignée about that clasp. I’ve given up on earrings now that I’m spending so much time in conference calls with headset on.
Cheapo silver Tahitians from Wen today. They’re pretty and shiny, but for a supposedly 16-inch strand, it is very short - I’ve knotted it and added a two-inch extender, and I’d say it’s only just 16 inches now. But they were very inexpensive and are largely unblemished, so I probably got what I paid for.