Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Thanks Pkinnew:) I remembered Sarah's pearl, she and I talked about the pearl ... but I couldn't remember how you got to the setting. I have a large silvery white Tahitian needing a setting, and something similar is exactly what I had in mind ... Thanks.
ckrickett - The pistachio Akoyas came from PP. newberry has a strand too but hers are larger (lucky lady!)!
its so bloody hot down here, so I am wearing one of my lighter necklaces (the only kind I can wear in this heat). My little keshi tin cup.

keshi pearl tin cup
pkinnew -- great pearl photo spread! So wonderful to scroll through!

crickett -- perfect for hot weather.

Today, my PP "Snow Goddess" pendant and my new Royalty earrings:

PP Snow Goddess pendant
Pearl Paradise Snow Goddess pendant
Pearl Paradise royalty collection earrings
Pearl Paradise royalty collection earrings 2
Today was souffle day! Golden metallic souffle earrings and "Helium Balloon" souffle pendant (and lavender souffle ring with green gold band -- not shown) -- all from PP:

Golden metallic souffle earrings Pearl Paradise

Helium Balloon souffle pendant Pearl Paradise
BAS I love the pendants but especially love the 'helium balloon' .. love the name too ;) And those shuffle earrings look huge ! Good thing they are lightweight lol

Ckrickett - Ugh your summer sounds like ours ... you think it's getting cool when it hits 89degrees lol Break out the sweaters ! That shuffle tin cup is so pretty and so wearable..and very light to wear..perfect for summer! And of course .. that fabulous spinel and Blue Akoya ( I gots to get me some) .. love that combo !
Pkinnew, what a fabulous week of pearls! They are all gorgeous, but I especially love your white and gold SS strand and pistachio Tahitian pendant.

Ckrickett, your keshis are so lustrous. Your BBA and spinel necklace really makes we want a tin cup with spinels.

BAS, the new Royalty earrings look lovely on you and go well with your beautiful Snow Goddess. I love the colors and luster of your metallic souffles.
Wonderful pearls on everyone!

These are my two strands of PP baroque akoya. I was excited to put these on, as well as the dress since it's now consistently warm enough for dresses!

two strands of Pearl Paradise baroque akoya