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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


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Thank you Pearlplug, Cricketbug and 86Corvettegirl. 86Corvettegirl, cool pearl and crystal combination. It looks like pearls in ice, it's a nice look.

Parrot Lady

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Today’s grocery store pearls. 10.5mm multi-colored Tahitians from Wen that I made into a tin cup necklace and blue/green studs from Kamoka.



Today I'm wearing my rikiteas from Cees (again I know, but they go with everything) and my mismatched tahitian studs from Oceanscove, the same studs as yesterday (they also go with everything). It was a bit chilly this morning so I put on a wonderfully soft cashmere hoddy before going out. But the hoddy photos were awful so deleted them right away...
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Charlotta your Rikitea strand is beautiful. The array of colors are so pretty and it looks lovely on you!


Whoa, 86C!!! Statement piece is an understatement! Enjoy that fabulous, one of a kind ,work of art!

I’ve been layering a lot of my beach finds lately.
Andy Muller Akoya and T strand from Hong Kong. I changed out some of the T’s, and also added a few SS. The Akoya earrings are from Margaret at Simply Adorned. Layered with charms of seashells and sea glass that I’ve found on my beach hikes. The pearl chain and Sea of Cortez charm are from Kojima.
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More beach finds of sea glass and puka shells with pearls, worn on a pearl chain I made with pearls from Hong Kong. Earrings are little chalcedony bundles I found at a street fair years ago. The bubbly necklace is from Kojima.
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Jeg, I am catching up on all the post and saw this one today ! You know I LOVE your Bubbly necklace !! You wear it oh so well. :)


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Grocery store pearls. Love it!

Oh, and I love that clasp. The pearls are gorgeous, too, but I'm a sucker for an interesting clasp.
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Not the greatest picture since I took it after we got home but I wore GSS strand with GSS shoulder duster earrings & my favorite GSS & yellow Sapphire ring to dinner tonight.


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