Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Jeg, love your pink pearls and the lime green/pink has always been one of my favorite color combinations.
Thank you so much for all the nice comments CricketBug, Red, Gemandpearlover, Pattye, Katbran and ParrotLady! :eek:
Thank you so much, Charlotta!

This is a yellow and peach version of the same style dress. The pearl pairings are peachy golden. A citrine and ombre Y necklace from pkinnew’s collection and originally from PP, the Wandering Pearl earrings from Katbran, and a Grace Pearl Edison pendant from PP.

Wonderful peachy golden pearls Jeg, and they go so well with your dress, as usual.
jeg- great summery pearls and dresses. Those T shirt dresses will never go out of style. They look so comfy for the hot weather.
Oh, Jeg, your pearls look so summery & light. The pinks just shimmer & the golden peach just glow!! I love them with your dress. You look comfortable & cool! Love the citrine mixed with the golden peachy pearls! Gurl, you are rocking it!!
Thank you Charlotta, 2thdktr, CathyKeshi, 86C, and CricketBug, for all your very sweet compliments! :eek: It’s been fun to get all the lighter (color and weight) pearls out. I love comfy, oversized clothes and fortunately it never gets super hot here.
JEG, I love that asymmetrical necklace. Well, I love all of it, but I'm a sucker for asymmetry.
Thanks so much, BWeaves! I like asymmetry, too.

A couple days of pearls-

Andy Muller mini wave strand, and a SS and Tahitian keshi chain I made with the large Tahitian pendant from Kojima.


Japan Kasumi strand from Kojima (extended on a bracelet). The ring is a smooth Kasumi I chose from loose pearls Sarah had at a Ruckus. I had her set it with the wavy band. The pendant is an Edison from PP, hung from a tiny pearl chain I made with pearls from Hong Kong.

I love that Andy Muller mini wave jeg. It's the perfect lenght. Is it akoyas and tahitians or just tahitians? Very pretty. and the kasumis are really gorgeous. Like a rainbow.
Jeg, you are astounding me with all these beautiful Kasumi, Tahitian, & keshi Pearls!! I am blown away with so much gorgeous pearl eye candy!! Keep rocking the pearls!!!
jeg, both those combos are completely and utterly delicious!

Between this thread, babynurse's, Charlotta's and Waps' threads, I get enjoy a good amount of pearl-y gorgeousness each day! :D
Jeg! Your new Kojima pendant looks so adorable on that tin cup/charm necklace ... see, it's not too big at all :) And paired with that divine mini-wave necklace ... summer bliss!
Thank you, Charlotta, CricketBug, 86C, and CathyKeshi! Charlotta, it’s Akoya and Tahitian. Haha, Cathy- it’s big, but not too big.;)