Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Beautiful pieces, Mtummybear. Wonderful colours on all those pearls.
Mtummybear- I love your pearls! Tin cup bracelets are nice and comfortable to wear, and your pendant looks great on that strand of Akoya. I like pearls of all sizes!

Casual day today. Fiji strand in taupe and olive tones.

Fiji pearls from Cees, knotted into a short strand. Fiji bracelet of two toned J. Hunter “Chocolate Kisses” from PP Ruckus 2017.


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Oh it's been such a while since I posted here! So many lovely pearls coming up - this thread is turning into a real treasure and almost the library of pearl designs and ideas :)

I rarely have an opportunity to wear worth-mentioning jewelry these days, but yesterday I spent all day testing the pendant that I made for my mother-in-law for the Mother's Day :) it's a new design for me, and it was very very last minute preparation - I actually had to cast it directly in gold which I never usually do :eek: my mother-in-law loves watching birds, her garden is even listed in the book for bird-watchers of her community :) when she comes over here to Tenerife to see us - she adores the little hummingbirds we have everywhere and regrets not seeing them back in the UK. So I decided to make her a hummingbird pendant for she could have one hummingbird with her in Britain as well :)

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Oh Lugana! I saw this on Instagram and commented on it- I thought it was stunning! I love hummingbirds, I always have 2 or 3 feeders up and one in front of my bedroom window so I can watch them in the morning when I wake up and in the evening as well.! I am a diamond girl as my birthday is in April and I love Tahitians. I was just blown away by this and your MIl is lucky indeed! ~Terry
I wasn't sure this combo would work, but I like it. La Perlagrina pendant from Kamoka worn with a Kasumi pendant and Tahitian and opal earrings from Kojima. The rainbow stripes on La Perlagrina aren't coming through in the photo. In real life, these are a better match.

I pressed my biggest and my smallest GSS pearls into action on this pretty Spring day. Giant circled Goldens from PP on about a three inch extender, 7.5mm studs from Oceanscove, and OSKA pullover Libani in Moon.

Jeg, stunning fijis.
Bweaves, they all looks nice together and I can see the rainbowcolors in the kasumi even on the photo. I can imagine it in real life, must be even more beautiful.
Beautiful goldens Red, I often combine bigger strands with small studs or the opposite as well.
I was in a blue mood today. Weather was beautiful. 70F with little white puffy clouds and a cool breeze. Natural blue Vietnamese akoyas from PP. Black and white Tahitian studs from Komoka.

Beautiful blues BWeaves. I was in a blue mood myself today. Blue tahitian strand and blue tahitian studs, both from Wendy at Pearlescence. I bought the studs last year and Wendy found this amazing blue tahitian strand in Hongkong for me recently. I love my new strand.
Just the strand and studs, first before knotting it.
I used Beaders secret in navy, of course...
One more.
LOVE your new blues!!! And great clasp. The necklace is a good match for the earrings, too.
Thank you Bweaves, Wendy did an amazing job matching the necklace to the studs, especially considering that she didn't have the studs with her.
And now for something completely different. The Hamantaschen from Pacific Pearls. I haven't worn it in a while. It's one of my summer pearls because it doesn't make me sweat like a full strand of pearls does. Hanadama studs from PP.


Keep posting beautiful pearls. Ladies!! I'm loving them all. Pretty warm today & everyone posting their blues, I decided to wear my blue Akoyas with my white Soufflé necklace.


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Such beautiful blues, everyone. Your new strand looks wonderful with your skin tone, Charlotta.
Beautiful pearls BWeaves and 86Corvettegirl.
Thank you JerseyPearl, 86Corvettegirl and SydK, I'm wearing the blues again today.
86C love your blues and your soufflés. But it was your SS drop that stole my heart!!
Blues and souffles look great together. I really get so many great ideas on pearl combination from all of you. Before I joined Pearl Guide, I wouldn't wear pearls together unless they matched EXACTLY in size and color. Now, I can't do that. I have to mix it up.
Me and mini me at the cherry blossoms last week. Hoping it uploads right side up! Instagram cut off my necklace so I thought I would give the specs here. It's a strand of flameballs I got in Shanghai last year, and the 2 little drops are from Wen. You can barely see one ear where I have my Brazilian opal earrings and little gray button studs in the second holes.
Such great photos everyone! Beautiful blues Charlotta and 86C! Fun look with your Hamantaschen BWeaves. And what a sweet photo pammbw! The pearls are really standing out, too.