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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
Oh my goodness Jeg, that y necklace is stunning! Your whole look there just glows.

Red, your goldens are gorgeous. Love how they set off the pendant!

PD, I love how you still insist on looking elegant, even while cleaning :)

IHP, love the T strand! What a lovely gift :)

Wow Sanippy you’re right, they really do go with everything! What a great idea.

My look for the day, even though I had to carry the ring in to work because it didn’t fit under my gloves (I’m still freezing!). Hydrangea two-finger ring that I made, with gorgeous freshies from Kojima, plus taco and coffee mug charms (I added a little pearl to the coffee mug like a dollop of foam :) )



Active member
That ring is GORGEOUS. And the charms are adorable.

I'm not sure if I could handle a two fingered ring. I tend to go for very smooth surfaces and bezel set stones, because otherwise my yarns snag on the rings. But I love the look of those flowers between the fingers. Swooning.


New member
Thanks, BWeaves! i totally understand, these rings are definitely fussy, and they kind of have to be fitted to your hand. And I don't wear them with sweaters for sure! Very snaggy. The nice thing about making them for myself is that I can keep fiddling with the fit til it feels good. But in annoying news, the manufacturer of this particular metal clay (formerly my favorite, now not so much) keeps changing their formula and I don't really love it now. One of the petals just broke off, and since I already attached the pearls, it'll be a pain to repair. Color me annoyed...


Traveling Pearl
That is a really cool ring, Battah. I hope you are able to fix it. I especially like that mug charm!!


New member
Sanippy and jeg, thanks! Yes super annoying about the clay. I'll have to figure out how to repair it... I might need to figure out how to take off the epoxy. Ugh.

jeg I just made mugs for a couple of my girlfriends at work, we share a coffee pot so I thought it was a cute holiday gift.


New member
The little charms are super cute!

Not nearly as creative as Battah (all it took was a little glue action) but here are my SSP keshi studs, hot off the press!



With my Kamoka keshi clouds:

And playing around with a tin cup idea:



Active member
Nipples!!! Um, sorry. The keshi studs look gorgeous.

That's terrible about the petal. I've never really understood how precious metal clay works compared with working with metal.


New member
Ooooh Sanippy those are beautiful! Did you get the keshi from Cees? I've become slightly obsessed with all forms of SSPs lately, they're so gorgeous.

BWeaves, once metal clay is fired it's metal, so it has the same properties as any other metal. However, generally speaking it's going to be a bit more porous than sheet metal or wire, so soldering it can be tricky. It can be done, it's just fiddly. It can also be a bit more brittle, but honestly if the manufacturer didn't keep messing with their recipe that wouldn't be an issue... Every formulation fires slightly differently so the first few times are a learning experience. But theoretically when you stick with the same type/brand of clay, once you have your firing method sorted out it should be consistent. Hence my irritation at the changes. Oh well. I have a fun idea for repair.


Traveling Pearl
I love your keshi, Sanippy!! Great shapes! I have been wearing keshi posts almost exclusively lately. I’ll look forward to seeing your SS project completed, and Battah, same thing for your ring repair!


New member
Battah, a little cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream! (not a coffee drinker here :) Adorable. How aggravating about the formula changes on the metal clay!!!

Sanippey those keshi studs are darling :)


New member
battah - I just had a repair for someone who managed to manhandle a very long Earring that she bought a year ago and snap the join. She sent it back so I could make her a new one. I think everyone who glues on a pearl worries that it may fall off...I'm not going to do that anymore. It took me hours to get that pearl off without snapping the pin. I soaked the whole thing in Acetone several times and left it in boiling water , alternating and then gently pulling the pearl, not twisting at all. After 4 hours I got it off ( obviously it spend a lot of time soaking in one thing or another) Now that was a big ripple on a long pin .. so it might not take you as long. If all else fails you might have to use a torch on the underside just enough to heat up the metal but not damage the pearl. But, I know nothing about clay..I use Sterling metal and it might behave differently.
Good luck - that's certainly annoying that they fiddle with the formula.


Natural Pearl Lover
Wow lots to catch up on here! Gorgeous as always!

battah - I love the hydrangea ring! It's the perfect blossom for that design.
sanippy - I adore your keshi collection! I love your stormy and clear day cloud studs :) And I may need to get up with Cees about golden keshi because yours are lovely!


Active member
MSC, so wonderful to see you here!
For soaking off pearls, I recommend Attack. I find that no matter what kind of glue used, Attack seems to break it down. But it is nasty stuff, so it should be used with great caution (eye and skin protection; used in well ventilated area). It won't harm the pearls, but it can harm you.
Lovely pearls everyone!