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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Not a good picture, but you will get the idea. Hisano fixed this pendant by replacing the pearl that fell off with a metallic white pearl on a wire dangle. One of my favorites!



New member
Annie, your keshi necklace is lovely! I absolutely adore Tahitian keshi...I've been working with them a lot lately. Please do tell us about that beautiful ring on your finger...it really looks great with the pearls.

Thank you. :) The ring is a gray and pink spinel ring. Since the color combination is a bit funky, I think it works with the keshi pearls.

Pretty pendant GemGeek!


New member
Catching up - Bweaves, I always love your dragons! Such a cool way to jazz up a torsade. And you look lovely in your Diwali outfit. And the swan! Swooning for the swan!

jeg the flower brooch is very cool, I dig how you styled it.

annie, lovely bracelet and keshi necklace!

GG, that pendant is beautiful. Classic but fun!


New member
Not pearls today, but I wanted to share this gorgeous carved pendant I just received. It was created by Sami Saleh, the very talented carver who runs @stcarvings on instagram. It’s my kids’ names, and he added my husband’s and my initials. The paua shell is the back - so it’s lovely even when it flips!



Traveling Pearl
Thank you Marianne, GemGeek, BWeaves and Battah!

GemGeek, that is a very pretty pendant. Classy design!

Battah, I like your pendant as well. Especially the personal touch and that it has a view from either side.


Active member
I actually thought the mother of pearl side was the right side, at first glance. It's great that it's reversible.


New member
battah, I like your pendant and the chain too. Beautiful!

I'm wearing my Kamoka bracelet and ring today. I love the colors of these pearls and the pretty clasp.




New member
Thank you jeg, BWeaves, and Annie!

Annie those Kamokas are beautiful. Great colors.


New member
Beautiful bracelet Annie! :D


New member
It is cold and snowy here in the mountains. So I'm wearing a turtle neck again...with some Tahitian pearls to brighten up my day.

IMG_3779 (2).jpg

My neck shots are terrible. Here is a better picture of the strand: