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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


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Decked out in some of my favorite pearls while relaxing at the lake. Tiny pistachio akoya with my South Sea harvest strand around my neck, and my Burmese ring and Fiji bracket on my right hand and wrist. All from Pearl Paradise.




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Red, that's the way to relax!!!

JP. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to put you on the spot. My apologies. Let me see if the dangle earrings sell before I try messing with changing them.


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I just finished restringing my 7.5 mm akoya choker with my 9 mm 14K yellow and white gold diamond clasp on Beader's Secret ivory colored thread. It's 16 1/2 inches long.





Since I now have Mom's 6mm akoya choker (my birthday choker) and her 9 mm akoya choker, I feel like I don't need a third akoya choker, so I've put this up for sale on Diamond Bistro. Yes, I know I could keep it, but the pearls aren't as nice as Mom's pearls and they're not as sentimental to me. And they would help fund my growing pearl collection.

P.S. No photoshop on my neck today. I don't know why my neck looks so great today and so wrinkly the previous day.

P.P.S. Whoever gave the advice to wrap a paper towel around an Ott light as a filter, that was great advice. I don't have a lightbox. I just put the pearls on a paper towel, wrapped another paper towel around my Ott light and took some quick photos with my camera, and then removed the paper towel from the light.
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The only thing more addicting than buying pearls is restringing pearls.

I just finished restringing my very first pearl necklace that I bought myself. Well, Mom picked it out at a jewelry show and brought it home for me, but I asked her to find me a nice rope and a disco ball clasp, and I paid for it. Mom could really pick 'em. After 35 years of almost constant wear, these akoyas still look brand new. The nacre is thick and smooth, and the drill holes are clean and easy to thread. The pearls are very well matched.

My only disappointment was that the pearls were smaller than I really wanted. I want 8 mm pearls and these are 5 mm. However, after attending Ruckus, I've decided that this rope is definitely "Hisano worthy" and deserves my love. I'm not selling this one.



P.S. When I restrung on Beader's Secret, the knots are smaller than my previous silk thread, so the necklace got shorter by about an inch or more. It's now 32 inches, which is the length it was when I bought it.

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The knots are a good size for the size of the pearls-- the proportions are good.

Are you happy with the 32" finished length, or did you want it longer so you could double it?


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Oh, I'm happy with the length. Right now it's all a bit tight and kinky, if you know what I mean. But after I wear it once or twice in the Florida humidity it will loosen up a bit and drape better, which will make it hang a few mm longer. I never doubled it, because I had a choker (first my Nana's, then the one I just restrung above). I usually layer my ropes, so it's OK if it's shorter.


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Sharing a few pieces here today, showcasing Battah's (LiliasTreasures) amazing creations!

When my girlfriend Cheryl and I trekked down to DC earlier (https://www.pearl-guide.com/forum/s...ptions-DC-Mini-Ruckus-Infinity-Rooms-and-MORE!!!), we met up with Battah and had an absolute blast. Aside from getting together for amazing art exhibition and yummy food, we of course had to play with pearls! Battah brought her amazing creations and she was so gracious to let me adopt one of her first lentil bead creation.

My gf Cheryl was obsessed with another fine silver lotus motif pendant, and Battah was again gracious enough to make another one for Cheryl. Piece arrived this weekend and Cheryl was beyond herself and absolutely loved her new necklace! Here are some pics:

The Lentil bead has designs on both sides. I'm still experimenting with the pearl pairing and may end up swapping out the pearls later on.

Here is Cheryl's piece, I love everything about it!

I'm really loving Battah's creations lately and can not wait to adopt more! Will post more when I do. :eek:


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Relaxing in style, Red! That's the way to do it!

BWeaves, such lovely pieces. You did a good job stringing the pearls. I tend to knot hard too, so mine take a few wearings to even out the kinks. Good luck on the sales.

Purr, you make a great model for Battah and her amazing pieces. Congrats on the recent adoptions by both you and your friend. They have wonderful new homes!


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At least I no longer pull my knots so tight that I break my thread 5 pearls from the end! DOH!

I can't stand it when the pearls slide between the knots, so it's taken me a long time to get the hang of how tight to knot where it's just right.


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Decked out in some of my favorite pearls while relaxing at the lake. Tiny pistachio akoya with my South Sea harvest strand around my neck, and my Burmese ring and Fiji bracket on my right hand and wrist. All from Pearl Paradise.

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OOOOMMMMMGGGGEEEE!!!!!!! LUV LUV LUV the layering and the baby akoyas against the GSSP harvest strand!