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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New Member
Today's choice - I just finished polishing it up last night and I'm in love with how it turned out. I think this would be fab with an assortment of little keshi, right?



New Member
Today I'm pairing my new 8.2 mm cherry Tahitian earring studs with my little h Tahitian pendant from the Conniessuer Sale several years ago. Love the colors and luster on these.




New Member
Those earrings have such pretty cherry colors! They are lovely in the photos, but even nicer in real life! I bet the same with the greens in the pendant!


New Member
Pretty set, Red!

Marianne and BWeaves, thanks! I'm going to make a smaller version for earrings, I think, and will play with what pearls go in them. I have some gorgeous tiny freshwaters I got from Sarah at Kojima that I need to play with, too.


New Member
How cool is that! How do you like the carved pearl? It works perfectly with the octopus and gives it another dimension of interest!


Active member
OMG, my jaw just hit my keyboard. I love the little octoring.

I'm guessing the carved facets are flat and it's an optical illusion that the facets are curved, correct?

What stone are the eyes?

I have serious octolust right now.

Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
It was our 25th anniversary this week and I decided to order a Mana bracelet for myself from Kamoka since I could not attend the Ruckus. :D I was fortunate to snag a $45 discount code when I "spun the wheel."
I asked Josh to pick out a colorful pearl and said that I didn't mind rings.

My bracelet from Kamoka arrived today. You all know how it's hard to capture pearl colors with our cameras. It's a silvery yellow on one end, then green in the ring, then the middle convex band is pink, then dark gray or maybe dark indigo in the ring, then gray with subtle purply pink overtones as one approaches the other end, which is silvery gray. In bright sunlight it's dark gray, nearly black, but the pink band still shows up. Here are 4 photos to show some of the colors, luster, and the adorable MOP Kamoka ornament through which the kangaroo leather is threaded. On the flip side of the MOP is a K with a circle (pearl). I think it's adorable! (And so comfortable, for someone who normally doesn't like the feel of bracelets.)

Thanks, Josh and Celeste!


  • Mana bracelet colors.jpg
    Mana bracelet colors.jpg
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  • Mana bracelet luster.jpg
    Mana bracelet luster.jpg
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  • Mana bracelet in the sun.jpg
    Mana bracelet in the sun.jpg
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  • Mana bracelet MOP.jpg
    Mana bracelet MOP.jpg
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New Member
What a very special pearl, PD! Josh did you proud.

I have a Kamoka mana necklace - again with an outstanding pearl. I wear it more frequently than any of my other pieces; it's that versatile and comfy!


New Member
That's lovely PD! I am really enjoying the mana necklace I got for my daughter. I wrapped it around my wrist a few times and love that it never has to be removed. I'm not sure it will make it to my daughter now.