Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Today, I am wearing my only purple strand in honor of Caitlin. This is the same strand I wore to my mother's funeral, as she loved shades of purple and pink.

for Caitlin.jpgSarah 1.jpg
OK, I'm way behind on this thread but now I'm caught up--love all the pearls I've missed!

I ordered a mini-strand of 5 "Robert Wan" Tahitians from druzydesign on eBay, and wow these are gorgeous. Some surface imperfections and the middle pearl has a growth ring just 1/4 way around, but they are otherwise so smooth and glow. Put them with some large purple crystal rondelles with blue flash in the same design as my first ever jewelry piece. Wish I could afford a full strand of these :D

Paired with my cherry peacock Tahitian 8.5 mm studs:


Gorgeous Karman!

My new strand of 8-10mm silver oval Ts arrived from PP today. They are silver with a beautiful, subtle blue overtone. A couple of quick photos taken in the office.



Karman--what a beautiful necklace! I love the Robert Wan's with the purple!

Sanippy--Those are gorgeous...drops of sterling silver!
Snaippy Gorgeous. And they look fab on you.

Karman Those Robert wan are amazing
Sanippy, those new silver Tahitians are astonishing ... really lovely!

Karman, what a gorgeous new necklace ... I really like your use of those little end caps on the pearls ;)
Very pretty, sanippy! I love the light silver color, looks beautiful on your skin tone!