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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
enbcfsobe -- I'm a big fan of the tassle!

baby nurse -- Each strand is lovely and the two together are beautiful!


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La Perlagrina and my opal and Tahitian drop earrings.


I bought a new chain for the pendant. I have a bunch of 18" yellow gold rope chains, left over from pendants I don't own anymore. But for some reason, the loop ends wouldn't fit through the hole in the bail. Just a tad too big. I did find one chain that worked but the gold was actually too yellow, and the chain just blended in with my skin. So I ordered this 20" diamond cut yellow gold chain, and it shows up better against my skin and matches the pendant better. It's a bit cleavagey, but I thought that it would work better if I wear the pendant over a sweater or shell. I've ordered the same chain in 18" because I like the way it looks and the loop end fits easily through the bail. That will give me two different lengths to choose from.

The rope chain I felt disappeared against my skin.


I'd love to use a thicker chain, but I'm concerned that the loop end won't fit, I don't want to spend a lot of money ordering and returning chains. I've already done that 3 times so far.
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Oh Them Gems

New member
Lovely pendant, BWeaves, congratulations! I too was admiring it on the Kamoka site. I also recently purchased a large teardrop pearl (Kojima) and had no suitable chain for it. I purchased an 18" chain and had a jump ring, or eyelet, as the jeweller called it, added two inches from the end, so that I could wear it either 16 or 18 inches long, without having to purchase two chains.


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BWeaves love you new pendent. Drops are my preferred shape and the bale is very attractive too. I hope you bring it to the ruckus :)