"Rule" for ratios? earring vs necklace size? Pictures are VERy welcome!


Jan 31, 2019
I realize that there are no hard and fast rules but does anyone have some general guidance (even if it's out-dated traditional rules) on ratios?

I really like matchy-matchy, but I understand that this is considered boring and/or frowned upon :confused:

My second preference after matching set would be to have the necklace and bracelet strands in the same size. And have the earrings and the ring be slightly bigger than the necklace/bracelet. But honestly, my first preference is just to have matching sizes all around.

I would love to hear people's thoughts on what works for them or any rules, guidance, etc. Pictures welcome!
I'm with Marianne, and to take from a recent popularized excerpt- Choose what "Sparks Joy." :D
No Rules! Look at Babynurse's thread: 365 Days of Pearls, and be inspired.

Confession, I just ordered some 8 mm natural white Hanadama studs in a matching size to my 8 mm natural white Hanadama necklace, but other than that, nothing else I have matches. My goal wasn't to wear the Hanadamas together, but because I happen to like 8 mm white pearls. I actually wear my 9.5. mm black and white Tahitian studs with my Hanadama necklace because they happen to "go" together.
Yes, as BWeaves suggests, check out how Baby Nurses's style has evolved.

"No rules" makes pearl wearing more relaxing and enjoyable! And it means if your style is a bit more classic and you like pieces to match, that's ok, too!

It was a bit shocking when designers started mixing Chinese freshwater pearls, Akoya, SS or Tahitians, but it's now rather common. Petite women look gorgeous in large pearls. We wear our Tahitian strands to the grocery store. So many changes!

The last time I wore a set - lavender-gray ripples - earrings, necklace, double strand bracelet, was at my Granddaughter's wedding 1 1/2 years ago.
I really like matchy-matchy

I've noticed that when strands and earrings are sold as sets, they are usually the same size.

I tend to coordinate by pearl type -- all Akoyas, all SS, etc. But my personal style tends to be "thrown together," rather than "pulled together." ;)