Wedding Pearl Jewelery - Know Very Little


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May 19, 2013
One of my Aunts has offered to make pearls for me for my wedding; she does this professionally. My Aunt is very good at stringing pearls, but she asked me what my preference is to give her some ideas; although I am an architect and design is important to me, I don't know the first thing about pearls. I don't have an incredible amount of money and I am living in Washington DC (if that has any implications).

I have attached some photos of my wedding dress as well as my bridesmaids dresses. I have an outgoing personality and love being different, but classy. The wedding style we are going for are vintage/modern. I like traditions and vintage styles, but with a modern twist.

Any thoughts are welcome regarding: pearl type, size, necklace design, pearl accessories (i.e. have all compoents earings, necklace, and bracelet?).



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Jakki, What an amazing bride you will be in this dress!!!

Oh, what a fun project! I'm sure you'll be flooded with ideas here! What an amazing dress, just gorgeous and lovely ones for the bridesmaids also. Truly a wonderful gift from your aunt!

My first thought for pearl type was the new bead nucleated and large Chinese Kasumi like pearls in white/ivory. They have a rippled surface, soft coloring, often iridescent, and can be knotted up in traditional fashion. Some pearls are more rippled than these, some less. Sizes are found in approx 10mm and up. They are much less expensive than South Sea. Here is a photo of those type pearls I recently donated to an auction benefit:P1000834  save.jpg The particular necklace is 10.5-13 mm.

Just suggestions, of course, but I'd here's a thought:

1. Dangle earrings with large single pearl
2. Two separate but same knotted pearl bracelets, worn together for the wedding
3. Full strand of pearls, maybe not quite choker length, but short and close to base of neck. Use the same clasp for necklace and both bracelets, then you can use one bracelet as an extender to lengthen the necklace. The clasps you choose could lend a more vintage look.

Perhaps you'd decide not to have a necklace with this dress, but you definitely should have it made so the pearls will match.

This could be done with 2 strands of pearls. You'd likely have some pearls left over, and your talented Aunt could make you a pendant.

Is she making the bridesmaids' jewelry also? Not certain about a necklace with this dress, maybe a pendant? But double strand bracelets of large freshwater pearls and some sort of linear pearl earring. Perhaps with a touch of cz or rock crystal gems for a little sparkle.

(We who are mothers to boys only can get a bit carried away, lol.)
My suggestions would be big earrings of some sort and a couple of bracelets - maybe in gold pink natural colours pearls to get away from the white white white and matchy matchy.
some well-dyed lustrous chocolate freshwater nucleated pearls in a wilma-flintstone-style choker might be .... too much? just a pendant? with the aforementioned single-pearl dangle earrings! plus the double bracelets - the shoulders are bare, gotta load up those wrists!

i LOVE the bridesmaid's dresses! smaller pearls, grey, single-pearl dangle earrings, double-triple bracelets. don't know if a choker would work with that neckline.

i hadn't thought about my son's wedding - but yeah, i'll never get to do this in person! :(
okay i also love the skirt on your wedding dress - i got caught up in the chocolate sash. i definitely think some kind of rippled pearls to go with the skirt. what's the embellishment on the sash? does that have a pearl in the center? or is it just silvery?
I love the idea of Chocolate Pearls! Please try some before you decide against them. Like Pattye said, get a set, even if you don't wear one or two of the pieces.

This dress is worthy of being pinned. (on my Pinterest Board). I can't tell you how beautiful I think it is.

And the bridesmaid dresses look like something that can be worn for years, unlike most. I think it is so cool that they are black. :cool:

I am not so into weddings, but I am practicing. ;) Would you mind sharing other aspects of your wedding? Like table decorations, or what your bouquet would look like? This the first non-pearly request I have made here, but this thread should reflect why you go with whatever pearls you choose.
Your dress is STUNNING! Also love your bridesmaids dresses! I would go for a triple strand of akoyas (or metallic freshwaters if akoyas are not in your budget) with large studs or simple dangles like these:

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 4.16.14 PM.jpg

Akoyas are classic and elegant, and because they are so timeless you will be able to enjoy them for many years to come. I still wear the earrings I wore to me wedding 10 years ago and smile when I do!

I also love the idea of chocolate tahitians. Something like this but in chocolate with the large studs:

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 4.16.42 PM.jpg

Again these would be simple and elegant and you could get tons of wear from them. Looking forward to seeing what you choose!
I wouldn't wear anything around the neck with that dress. I would go for a lovely pair of dangly pearl earrings and maybe a pearl hair slide for the back of your hair, if you are wearing it up.
I'd be careful with that neckline. It's very powerful. What about a choker strand of very small pearls, Kojima site has some 5.2mm - 6mm vintage biwas - something like that. Small and delicate. Than something big and bold on the wrist. Maybe one bracelet of South Sea and one of Tahitians, or a the rippled Chinese with a big bold Tahitian in the center. I can't vote for Chocolate, because I can't get past the processing, but if you can find a natural chocolatey color, or even a SS/rippled large white with a deep gold SS. Statement on the wrist, just a tease on the neck.
sheryl, i've changed my mind - you're right. i'd go very subtle on the neck, if anything. maybe even just a pendant - but i do think the wrists need some honker pearls. from the strand pattye posted above (or a strand of silver south sea pearls, if you've got the budget!), i'd do a pendant, two dangle earrings, and a double-wrap pearl bracelet (which could at other times be worn as a necklace!).
Big chocolate pearl.Thanks for sharing.Weddings are very special event.Managing and celebrating these event is a big deal.Anyhow thanks for nice stuff.
I wouldn't wear anything around the neck with that dress. I would go for a lovely pair of dangly pearl earrings and maybe a pearl hair slide for the back of your hair, if you are wearing it up.

I agree. Less is more.
I would go with earrings only. Have your friends wear bracelets in a contrasting color to their dresses.
I was thinking a big Chocolate Tahitian pendant and long drop Choc Tahitians earrings ... like a long straight gold/diamond drop with articulated 12mm Choc Tahitians . I wouldn't wear regular tahitians as personally I wouldn't like the colours with your drop dead gorgeous dress.
I think theres a lot going on and you need to keep the neckline simple .. either nothing or a pendant. The earrings should make a statement by either being large studs or dangles. I'm assuming your hair will be back like the model to show off the dress?
I like nice simple but noticeable dangling earrings and a double strand bracelet for both the wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses. Because the dress looks off white, I'd think about akoya keshi dangling a larger single pearl, possibly a SSP for earrings. If you wanted a necklace, I'd stick with a single strand akoya keshi with or without a larger single SSP in front- something not too busy but simple and eye catching. The bracelet can be a single strand of SSP baroques with a gorgeous pearl/diamond clasp or a multi strand of akoya keshi. It would be easy to make matching earrings for the bridesmaids with colored larger pearls, and dyed freshwater or Tahitian pearls for the bracelets, or keshi with a pearl or few pearls scattered on the bracelet, worn on the sleeveless side.

One other look, which I don't know if you have the long neck for, is to wear a high choker in the middle of your neck with a medallion or clasp in the front. Possibly weave small akoya keshi into a design and wear it on your neck. That might be hard to wear though... so maybe smaller 3mm pearls instead of keshi.

I'm sure what ever design you decide, it will look amazing. That's a heck of a dress and think anything will just add to the beauty of it!