Pearls for tall girls


Oct 6, 2010
All my life I was fascinated by pearls. Never own any, because whatever I tried on in local stores wasn?t fit me. I am 6ft. tall and skinny.
So I look thru internet, find this forum and choose my fist pears. I wish it will be more pic ?pearls on people? like neck shots. In my opinion it makes it lot easy to choose a right thing for each person?
My Christmas attempt was absolute success. And yes, I been hooked up on pearls, and start build up my collection of ?Pearls for tall girl?.
My Christmas Pearls: Gray Tahitian 12-13mm earrings, 13-14mm pendant on 18in chain, AAA by PearlParadise. I would like to defend ?gray? pearls; it is not actually plain gray at all. They pick up color of clothing?s and will change in any new lighting like my eyes do. Love them!


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I don?t know why attachments doesn?t show up?


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I was so exited by fist pearl set, so my Valentine request was easy to predict: 2 separate multicolor baroque Tahitian 18in necklaces 8.5-11.5mm, by PP. I reknot both necklaces, so now they are 17in and 19in.


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South Sea 12-13mm earrings and pendant on 18in chain by PP. I love earrings, total link 2 ??. But I think the pendant looks too small on me.


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Freshwater pearls 16in, 11mm from TJMax


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Wow! You're going to town and having fun! Nice job on re-working the Tahitians, they snuggle together beautifully.

Thanks for the pictures; we're big on visuals. Who's doing the photography?
Hello brightyellow, thanks for posting your pics, you look stunning in your pearls :) I just love your multicoloured baroque Tahitians and the two necklaces worn together look WOW!
I'm tall, 5'10" and 'curvy'. I think we're lucky in that we can carry off big pearls, multistrands and ropes! Have you tried wearing a rope yet? They look fabulous on tall ladies and are very versatile. I adore them, particularly those combining different types of pearls.
We have a very creative tall member called 'la corsetiere' and somewhere there are great pics of her wearing her massive Tahitian rope :D
Excellent choices in pearls and super photos, Brightyellow! I admit to being the runt at 5'5" in a family with lots of tall women close to 6 feet, and choose to wear what I like, and hope the lookers enjoy the pretty pearls!

A long rope, as Keshibelle mentioned, would be a nice addition, and could frame your white pendant nicely to give it more emphasis.
Did you use a tripod? You achieved Amazing quality photos, if you didn't. Lovely, and lovely, gorgeous pearls, pearlnography AKA Tahitians...

and I used to be 5'5", and looooove the styles tall women can wear, especially the long, full skirts. I tried to wear them and looked like a - hmmm - short, squat something or other. Lady Di I wasn't! still amn't. I'm still trying to figure out how my mother-in-law carried the look off, since she was only 5'4", in 3"-heels
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I am not even sure if I can chime in on this post... ha ha from "WAY DOWN HERE"... but first I would like to say Brightyellow: I love your "defence" of grey pearls... That is very true that they will pick up and play with the colors of your clothes.... and that they are sorely overlooked in the market because I think the word "grey" has too many poor connotations. Thank you for the photos to prove it! ( I have recently started using "dove", "steel", "silver" and "slate" as precursors for the color that people tend to overlook.
I think ropes would look great on you and other tall women... also long pendants.
Funny to me that from "WAY DOWN HERE"... I never thought that the other kind of people would not be able to find pearls to suit.. with those collar bones... it just looks like a play ground to me!
Cheers, Sarah
Well, I was going to say that a rope might be a great and fun look for you, but we all had the same idea. You and your pearls are lovely. Do share more as you collect and feel free to join in the discussions. :cool:
Oh I wish I was a tall girl and a tall girl with pearls is even better. I have the opposite problem. I am a short girl and I think big pearls would have to be worn quite short on me or I would look like I am playing dress up. I also find big earrings tend to swamp me.

You have a great collection there. I am so jealous. Really love your pictures too.
I only have the one strand of FWP but I think I am ready to try something new too. Christmas is coming so I'll be throwing some hints out. I think the ability to re-string one's own pearls pens up a whole new world of possibilities.
Thank you all for replies!
I agree with Sarah, people underestimate “gray” just because it sounds gray!
In a real world this kind of pearls probably best ones to enhance the color of gray eyes, I swear, it works 10 times better than any makeup does.

I will love to have a long pendant, but hardly imaging what size it supposed to be.
May be it not that obvious from the picture: SS 12-13 earrings look great, but the same size pendant in reality look 2 times smaller then earrings does. To proof they are same size I need to pull them together! It just looks lost on me. I was so surprise by this effect. I am love the pearl, but don’t know how to work it out.

I definitely will take a look at ropes, never think about them yet.

Next item on my whish list is baroque akoya, but I am afraid it took at list 3 rows to properly fill the “space”, not sure my budget able to lift it any time soon…
Next item on my whish list is baroque akoya, but I am afraid it took at list 3 rows to properly fill the “space”, not sure my budget able to lift it any time soon…

Yes, that would be a great choice, and again, a rope of fine AAA or better freshwater pearls in 8-9mm or larger size will have greater versatility, and wrap the neck 3 times at a shorter length, although perhaps a slightly less formal look, but easily achieving the boldness of 3 sizable strands together at much less cost!
Hello Brightyellow!,

Lovely Photos of you in your pearls Very elegant looking! Great Collection!


Hi Pattye
When you talking about rope, what kind of ropes you think about? 35” , 52” or 120”
It is definitely not a budget friendly idea, but really-really interesting .

I was thinking in the 52-60 inch range, to wrap 2 or 3 times. You might find the following thread of interest--last year Mikimoto displayed a 100 inch white akoya rope for $15,000! So we challenged each other to design long ropes! So many of the knotters here designed amazing ropes! You can see the photos here. There are 15 pages in this thread Enjoy!
Thanks for posting all the pics -
Those 2 strands together are a real eye-popping knock-out, I bet people just about fall into unconsciousness when you wear them!