Olivia de Havilland


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Feb 6, 2009
Today is Olivia de Havilland's 98th birthday! On the left she's Melanie Hamilton from Gone With the Wind in 1939. On the right she's ravishing in those pearls! Do you think they are real?
What a beautiful and classy woman. The pearls are like frosting :)
I had never thought to wear pearls layered like that. I think they look beautiful on her styled this way!
She is so beautiful that the pearls have to compete for attention! :)
Yes, she is stunning. I googled pictures of her and she seems to be wearing the largest inner strand for the past decade, and that triple combination for a few years. I'd like to think they are real...
I thought she died ages ago, way before her sister, as in Joan Fontaine, who died recently.

DK :eek:
oh those HAVE to be real! they are remarkable, and i do love her styling! i may have to imitate, although i'll have to fake my innermost gigantic pearls.
R.I.P. to probably last of the Hollywood greats of that era.

DK :(
104! That's an amazing age to reach while wearing stunning pearls.