Octo Babies!

Blaire/Sheri/BPDD - I would LUV to see 3 generations of Octos together - big poppa, the kiddies, and the tiny babies. Can someone please post all 3 together? And would love to see them just hanging out, as well as neck shots of sorts for sizing references.

Also, for people who are interested in adopting an Octo baby, what's the best way? Just PM Sheri here on P-G? Thanks!
Sorry to take so long to respond to this thread! I just took this shot of an octo gathering, showing all the sizes I have made thus far, with a quarter, dime, and Euro coin in the shot to help give a better idea of the size. The tiny infant is truly tiny - less than 1/2" long in its longest dimension. The biggest one has an 18+ mm pearl in its head. All of the cephalopods have a tentacle loop suitable for a chain or jump ring, though I am considering adding a stud to the tiniest size so I can make that size available as a post earring. One of these ruckuses, we should have a group shot of the octo-babies on a play date...I'm sure they would appreciate a reunion.

Any inquiries regarding potential adoption can be initiated via PearlGuide private message.




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Sheri, the cephalopods keep getting cuter and cuter; makes it even harder to choose just one LOL! Giving me some new ideas for what I want though! Thanks for posting these :)
Althea's antecedents kiln-fired enamel on fine silver with a freshwater ripple body. She's already accepting compliments from those who meet her :)
Hello Ladies, as mentioned, I moved forward with some Octo Babies adoptions, too. I picked up 1 of the very smallest (the last one, I think she is sibs to GemGeek's pair?), and the remaining pair of the 2nd smallest size. I think I'm ready to start adopting older sibling, soon!

Pic from Sheri

Trying to find the right habitat for the kids - how about a cloud of cashmere? some nice chubby succulents? aquarium stones/shells?
Oh what a wonderful collection! Especially love the photo with your kitty :)
I love the stuffed animals with the pearl chokers! If I wasn't so greedy to keep my pearls to myself, my stuffies might get some, too.
Lol for some reason I never played with dolls or stuffies when I was young, but did collect a few as an adult and I've grown fairly attached to them. Similarly to Sheri's traveling Clyde, my babies sometimes travel with me, they eat well, and they get danglers and jewelries.

This one was taken during an earlier fall apple picking trip. Gorilla is wearing a light GSSP drop dangler, Lamb is wearing a Larimar choker.

These 2 little ones were in DC with me during a cherry blossom visit, and the last pic is from a family trip with mom to south east asia (thus the exotic fruits)!
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The new octos are adorable, love the oval shaped head, but my favourite is the cherry blossom pic.