natural pearls pacific : FANTASTIC !


10172711_861202200561228_3570125769636663146_n.jpg 1907650_855631751118273_1640630637282974638_n.jpg 1505576_855630777785037_3239959215281026974_n.jpg 10441153_879405635407551_7579369698565090389_n.jpg 994445_668726659871491_3711961299183547985_n.jpg
bonjour pattye,
for the black I do not remember the dimensions, but it is a Atrina.
for white: tridacna, 13.4 x 17.1, of course there exist much bigger. I will continue to share more pictures.
best regards.
Congratulations! They are absolutely gorgeous. Just made my day!
Oooh, those Pipi Pearls are like little drops of molten, liquid gold :)