My Pearls 2.0

Some more of Calico Cat, both strand and the bracelet

Thank you @jeg .I do have a calico cat that have those colors. The other cat is more striped, plaid I think. I should make a strand like that but how. She is very orderly and always properly groomed, not like the calico one. No random sized pearls. Some day I might get the inspiration to make one. Probably ombre. Don't think I have the pearls either. Maybe a bracelet...
We had a wonderful calico cat, she would've looked very special wearing your Calico Cat strand and bracelet!
Love your thread as always
Thank you @Happy Huku and @lary007 I do have a calico cat, the cat version that is, as well. I'm not sure that she knows that she is a cat. Sometimes she behaves more like a dog. Very social and really funny. She's been having lots of fun with the Christmas. A present just for her, she says.
Ok have been digging up my vintage gemstone clasps again. But haven't gotten any photos yet. I added the white gold, rubies and one akoya one to my Hearts Delight. Then the pretty aquamarine and akoya clasp to my ombre tahitian rope. Lets see if I can find a photo of the clasps at least.

On these strands

I want to add the amethyst clasp to my rainbow strand and the citronen and seedpearl one to my circles deep golden strand, but then I have to tread the gimp through both holes on the clasps (for double strands really). It might work.
Well. There is a 10 photo limit. The other photos of the rainbow strand and the golden strand


Speaking of rainbows...i just finished a rainbowy granny square sweater for myself in the softest wool.

Not-husband think it's to that a thing...On one side there is a big granny square and on the other 16 smaller, so I can just turn it and it's a new sweater. The arms are big squares as well
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Your golden strand is sooo beautiful, Charlotta!!! Such a perfect golden color :love: