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Jul 27, 2014
A tahitian only (and mixes with tahitians) tread. I do love all my pearls, but I own and wear mostly tahitians. There are so many colors that I probably will buy more of them. Posted in no particular order. Let's start with my favorite strand.
This is my go to strand, my absolute favorite strand ever. I bought this rikitea strand from Cees last summer. The pearls are off round 8-10.3mm and multicolor. It's knotted on Beaders secret in navy and has a vintage white gold clasp with an ivory akoyapearl and some rubies. The clasp is quite sturdy and since this is my most used strand that's a good thing.
Some of the pearls have beautiful stripes of color, like they are circled, not in texture but in color.
This strand looks amazing even in crappy lighting, not as colorful of course but beautiful anyway. Cees did an amazing job finding these for me. I did ask for a very colorful strand with amazing luster and also said that it didn't have to be perfectly round or blemishfree. It's also the perfect size for both every day and more dressy occations (do I hear mothers laughter in my head...dressy... jeans for christmas...).
Cees photos that I screendumpt from my Instagram messages.
When I first saw these photos I knew I would love this strand. It took a while to get it though, fedex had it bouncing around sweden for almost three weeks.
I love your Riki strand!! The colors & luster are amazing & they are a classic size!! Just a beautiful strand!
Fading daylight. With the green and pink tahitian studs from Pearlescence I usually wear with this strand.
With peacock tahitian studs from Pearlescence.
With pink and green tahitian studs from Pearlescence, mismatched tahitian studs from Oceanscove and peacock tahitian studs from Pearlescence.
This spring I asked Cees if he could find me an ombre tahitian rope. The rope he found me exceeded my wildest imagination. The colors are so vivid, the ombre effect beautiful, the lenght of 32 inches is perfect as is the size of 9-10mm pearls, the luster is gorgeous and most of the pearls are perfectly round. I have infact trouble finding any flaws at all. Most of them are so good that they could have been used as studs. It really is my dream strand. Couldn't be happier about it. I use my rikitea strand more often, but that's because it has a lenght that's more convinient at work. I don't want to bang the rope against anything.
With my copper green tahitian earrings from Cees. Those earrings have the most gorgeous golden color. Imagine a whole strand like this, but Cees told me he never saw a strand like this only occational pearls.
Cees photo of the ombre rope.
My first photos of the strand some minuters after opening the package.


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My blue tahitian strand from Pearlescence. Spring 2018 I ordered a pair of turquoise blue 12,1mm tahitian studs from Wendy at Pearlescence. When they arrived I just couldn't believe how gorgeous they where, even though I think that the color is more blue than turquoise. It's a gorgeous color for sure. Somewhere I wrote that I wanted a strand just like that and Wendy asked if I wanted her to look for a blue tahitian strand on the Hongkong fair this february. And she found me the perfect strand. She later told me that she had found it together with a bunch of green strands. This last year I, with a lot of help from Cees and Wendy, have found some true favorite pearls. More beautiful than I ever thought that I would own. I truly love my blue tahitian strand and use it often. It also layers and combined well with other strands, especially since I found that very practical clasp that can combined anything.
With my blue tahitian studs.
And my white south sea strand, also from Cees. I have changed the clasp on the south sea strand since I took this photo.
With my silver tahitian strand from Cees and my tahitian enhancer from Pearlsociety.
My first photo of the strand, we went to the summer cabin after getting the strand from the postoffice. Not-husbandet had to fix something that was boken. It was very cold, since the heating is off during the winter but since I bought the strand along and had the blue studs on I could get a great comparison photo anyway.
Wendys photo.
In january I bought a 8-10mm, 32inch strand of baroque tahitian pearls from Cees. I wanted to make a tahitian and white south sea strand (like the one baby nurse has). That baroque strand turned into 2 necklaces. The first one is made with equal parts white south sea pearls and tahitian pearls. The white south sea pearls I got from Pearlescence. The strand is a shorter necklace and a bracelet that connects to one longer strand. I really like this strand. The one baby nurse has is prettier with more contrast and bigger pearls. My tahitians aren't as dark.
The next strand I made from all those baroque tahitians is made of the biggest of the tahitian pearls and some golden south sea pearls that I bought from Kongspearl. It's hard to see that the tahitians are all from the same strand. The other pearls in them accents different colors. In the white and grey strand, the tahitians looks more cool-toned and in this one the golden pearls makes the tahitians look more warm-toned.
This is Cees photos of the baroque tahitians.
My first photo before altering it.
Your pearls are always amazing, but your clasps are just as great, imho. I would love to find cool clasps!
I LOVE that you've created a thread for just your Tahitians! :cool: I tried to reply a couple days ago and the site crashed on me. However, today, it's "on"! The Rikitea and ombre strands continue to be my faves. However, the blue strand is also incredible, as is the silver strand. Haha. I just love them all.
Thank you AndrewM and Cricketbug. I created a tahitian tread because that’s what I usually want to read about. There are so many colors and shapes that I never get tired of them. I thought that there maybe are others like me that want to see what kinds of tahitians there are when trying to decide what to buy or combine. Sort of an inspiration tread.
All of your pearls are an inspiration, Charlotta! A person could get into quite a bit of mischief oogling pearls on this forum! LOL! :rolleyes:
They surtainly can Cricketbug, lots of mischief, I know I can.
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Recently I asked Cees to find me a nice baroque silver tahitian strand. He found me just the strand I had in mind. It looks like molten silver.
With my tahitian enhancer from Pearlsociety.
It has the most beautiful blue and pink overtones, hard to capture though.
With my south sea strand from Cees.
With my blue tahitian strand from Pearlescence.
TheSouthSeaPearls, I am sorry for answering so late but site was down for two days. I bought a lot of pearls from Cees and most of what I showed this far are from Cees except the blue tahitian strand. That one I got from Wendy at Pearlescence. When I continue with my earings and pendants you will see that there are some other wendors as well. But I agree, Cees pearls are outstanding and I love everything I ever bought from him.
I changed the clasp on my ombre tahitian rope from Cees. I have a gorgeous vintage yellow gold clasp with a big aquamarine surronded by small akoya pearls. It's a triple clasp and I was tempted to remove 2 rings on either side but for now they remain where they are. It's hard to see the extra rings anyway. However beautiful, It was so difficult to open. The tongue is so flimsy, but in a rope that doesn't matter. I prefer wearing the strand as a rope so that I can see all the lovely colors without a mirror.