My tahitian pearls

Thank you Pattye, that’s high praise coming from you, since you are the master stringer.
Some new photos of my tahitian favorites and in some cases my white south sea strand from Cees.
Rainbow strand, white south seas and some baroque blue south sea studs and pendant from Pearlescence.
Ombre tahitian rope from Cees. So pretty.
Rikitea strand from Cees and new big tahitian strand from Pearlescence.
Blues tahitians from Pearlescence, silver tahitian strand and white south sea strand from Cees.
So pretty together.
Probably the only white strand I ever need, the color and luster are stunning. Haven't used my good akoyastrand since I got these.
I have used my new big multicolor tahitian strand I bought from Pearlescence a lot recently. I love that strand, it's just as colorful and lustrous as my rikitea strand, but bigger. Usually I wear this one with my white south sea huggies. I don't know why I like this combination so much. I remade some gray tahitians so that I can wear them with the huggies, and I did wear them with the strand today. But they don't have the same luster I discovered half way through the day. So back to the white south seas it is. Funnily enough I prefer tahitian studs with my rikiteas.
Those grey tahitians didn't really work with my big multicolor tahitian strand from Pearlescence. I tried them one day and when worn it was pretty obvious that the strand has so much better luster the the grey earrings. They looked kind of boring. I am sure that they go better with something else. I am still surprised that I rather like the very dark tahitian strand from Wen Pearls that I bought last summer and didn't like. Since I remade them I cannot for the life of me understand why. Sure they are very dark, but they have a wonderful luster and they do have different colors in them. Not flat at all. They are a bit bumpy with some flaws, but it's hard to see them when worn. I like them with these forest green tahitian studs from Pearlescence, also from last summer. The whole combination reminds me of dark waters, green evergreens at dusk, when the colors blends into each other and looks silky somehow, not treatening at all. Like when we were out with the boat last August in small canals around all the little Islands around the summercabin, with rocks and pinetrees, moss and leaves and we forgot about the time and it was nearly pitch dark when we got back. That's why I bought those earrings. They reminded me of all those colors.
If I want some more color I can always add my ombre tahitian rope from Cees and my blue tahitian studs from Pearlescence with the strand.
The blue tahitian strand from Pearlescence and the white south sea strand from Cees are so pretty together. Also white south sea studs, white south seas huggies, the huggie part from Pearlescence and the pearls from Pearlsociety and finally my blue studs from Pearlescence. It's such a clean look. Everything looks great with that white south sea strand. Accually I think everyone needs a white pearl strand of some sort, a blue tahitian strand as well since they go so well with jeans but apparantly they are rare. I am happy that Wendy found my blue strand for me, I have used it a lot.
New mismatched green tahitian studs from OceanRhyme on etsy, one is blue green and the other once is pistachio. They are a great addition to my other earrings. I did think that they would look great with my blue tahitian strand from Pearlescence, but the blue strand looks better with the blue tahitian studs, from Pearlescence, or the white south sea huggies, the pearls from Pearlsociety. I have other strands that look great with the new studs though.
Rainbow strand from Pearlescence.
White south sea strand from Cees.
Usually I wear the green and silver mismatched studs from Oceanscove with the white south sea strand, unless I wear white south sea earrings. The white strand has a cool tone to it that makes the Oceanscove studs especially nice. I can also use the pink and green tahitian studs from Pearlescence if I want to. It's a versatile strand.
All these three studs looks great with the rainbow strand as well.
Green studs, forest green big tahitian studs, pistachio south sea studs, green and pink tahitian studs and pink and green tahitian studs, all from Pearlescence with my new OceanRhyme green studs.
This is what I am wearing today. New green studs with my ombre tahitian rope from Cees and my dropshaped tahitian strand with pearls from Pearl Paradise and from Wen Pearls (the most colorful of two strands)
I really like those light tahitian pearls in my ombre rope, I don't know what to call that color really, but the pearls have the most glorious light creamy greenish golden color.
And finally with my green akoya and white south sea rope.
The last couple of weeks the light have been perfect for my ombre tahitian rope from Cees. It's been rainy and overcast, but it's lighter than in december. The colors just glow.
With my rainbow strand from Pearlescence.
Lovely, Charlotta! The Tahitians I’ve seen in person really show their range of colors in indirect, natural light. You captured them so well. And spring is on the way with more light.
I have enjoyed this thread so much, Charlotta! I fall in love with Tahitians just a little more, every time I see a new color- of which there are so, so many! Your collection is a dream. Unbelievably beautiful, just as you must be when you wear them.
Thank you Pearlie Sue. I had forgotten this tread. I might have to add to it now that I remembed it. It's all in my other My pearls tread, but no order in that one whatsoever... Everything is in that tread, including cats and daffodils.
Uber and Beyond Lovely! I FELL IN LOVE with your Rainbow Necklace Charlotta...magnificent!
I mean all the others are stunning...the White SSP, those amazingly dark and colorful Tahitians...but that Rainbow necklace made my day for sure :D
Thank you CortezPearls, the rainbow strand is so special. It's like a piece of art. Wendy did an amazing job on that one.
Well time to update this tread that I completely forgot about since I last posted in it a year ago. Well I have bought some new pearls and remade lots of them, where to start. Well I have a few favorites. Lets start with Isabella, my tahitian keshis tassel. I love this tassel. I had been wanting to make a tahitian tassel since I made my first one out of a vintage strand of akoyas. But as you know tahitians aren't that small. Jeg had the brilliant idea that I could use tahitian keshis so I did. I had a very smooth strand of them from Druzydesign. At the end of each tassel arm I added a wirewrapped tahitian drop from Cees. And it's kind of ombre, being lighter at the end of the arms.
The mismatched tahitian studs are from Oceanscove.
I did make a tahitian keshi rope for it recently with two new strands of keshis from Druzydesign. It's also ombre from white to really dark grey. Most of the pearls were white, silver, grey and dark gray. Not as smooth as the strand that I used for the tassel, very fun freeform shapes.
With some tahitian keshi huggies. The keshis are from Druzydesign and the huggies from Pearlescence.
That tassel looks great with just about everything. Rainbow strand from Pearlescence
White south sea strand from Cees.
White south sea rope that I made with pearls mainly from Pearlescence. It can be attatched to that nifty clasp.
Rikitea strand from Cees


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Then there are the blue started with just the one pair of earrings from Pearlescence.
I had never seen such a glorious color. Wendy found me a strand of blue tahitians the year after.
It's so pretty. Then Wendy bought some Alexander Collins strands. One of them had small blue tahitians. I didn't use it as much as my first strand so I remade it into a ombre waverope with silver tahitians from Cees and the small blue pearls.
Then whilst window shopping at cmv pearls last autumn, almost winter I noticed that there were several circled tahitian bracelets in blue that could be made into an ombre rope from silver blue to blue purple, so I bought those. I accually just had to move a few pearls before stringing it.
Those colors are rather pretty. I got some silver blue studs from cmw pearls as well.
They are great for when I want a smaller pair or don't want to be all matchy.
With my blue tahitians from Pearlescence
Lastly I did buy a blue tahitian bracelet from cmw pearls whilst buying a tahitian rainbow bracelet. It has slightly bigger pearls than the ombre rope so it stays as a bracelet. I really like this one and haven't had the slightest urge to remake it at all.
Will I get more blue tahitians? Well I have mostly stumbled upon these ones, some where in the shops for months before I bought them. I am happy to have them, it's not a color that is easy to find all the time. It's not like a white south sea strand, a multicolored tahitian strand or a white akoya strand. Those are much easier to find. A family photo
Love the "Baby Tahitians" from Alexander Collins :)
Amongst all these photos of splendid jewelry...I feel in Pearl Heaven! Guess that is why they say you are greeted at the "Pearly gates" :)
Thank you CortezPearls and Marianne. CortezPearls, I wonder which kind of pearls there are though at the pearly gates.
I have been having rather fun combining akoyas with tahitians recently. Both vintage and new ones. My first and favorite is a rope that I made with silvery blue akoyas from Pearlescence and drop tahitians from Pearl Paradise and from Wen Pearls.
Then I made this one with vintage akoyas and blue green tahitians from cmw pearls. This one is a waverope. Love this color.
Then I combined some green, sometimes blue tahitians with the green akoyas from Pearlescence.
I made earrings as well.
My latest one I haven't ever gotten a photo of yet. I combined these three bracelets to make a strand. Ice blue akoyas from Pearlescence and silver peacock circled tahitian.
Then I did combine those tiny akoya keshis with a big circled tahitian from Druzydesign.
And I guess that I can count that long rope as well. Silvery blue akoyas from Pearlescence and some tahitians and south sea pearls, I think that some are from Cees, one is from cmw pearls and the rest from my leftover pile.